over reactive?

Oh.  My.  God.

This is ridiculous.  I don’t think this is reactive hypoglycemia.  Today, I did not want to get out of bed.  I had a headache already and every inch of my body was saying “hell no” to the waking up.  But up I am, and my blood sugar is 66.

I did a high monitoring day yesterday to try to see what the hell is going on.  Is it going high then plummeting?  It doesn’t look like it.  Usually, my iced coffee has sugar in it, but I did splenda yesterday in case the sugar was bringing my blood sugar up high, then crashing it down in the afternoon.  Nope.

Time Blood sugar (finger stick) Food
6:05 81
6:30 to 10:00 1.5 – 2 cups coffee with rice milk & sugar.
8:41 72
12:05 74 1/4 cup teddy grahams, 1 hard candy.
12:24 76 1 hard candy, 7 skittles.  med iced coffee 1.5 Splenda & rice milk.
1:11 94 lunch wild rice & orzo salad, oil, garlic, cooked red peppers, cooked mushrooms, raw corn, grape, about 1 doz grapes in addition to salad.   Done eating at 13:30 continuing coffee.
14:05 81
15:41 99
16:58 95
17:58 70  15 skittles.
18:55 87
19:25 83 dinner. 3 slices baked & fried yam, 1 fried egg, 4 slices ham. 1 bottle ibc root beer.   19:38 finished eating.
20:00 salt & vinegar potato chips
20:40 94 last sip of root beer.
22:05 89

This is a problem. I will pass out from a low blood sugar.  It’s like my own little insulin reaction,  minus the exogenous insulin.  Memories of being dragged through the cafeteria in a stupor, of passing out in restaurants or just outside of them are not recent but they’re potent enough to still leave quite an impact.  Having a blood sugar monitor helps.  Unlike when I was a kid, I at least now can check (if I think to) my sugar and try to take corrective action before it gets to the point where I am semi or unconscious.  It’s the “if I think to” part that’s tough for me.  I either have to check it on a schedule or I forget to check it at all.  I explain away the bad feelings as mood, or general unwellness that I feel a lot – i.e. maybe it’s a migraine coming on, or the room’s too warm and my blood pressure’s tanking.  I can’t exactly carry around a BP monitor too, and even if I did, I’d barely get anything done for having to stop and check first the BP then the sugar every time I don’t feel good.  I don’t feel good a lot.

I’m getting better at checking the sugar now when I don’t feel good.  It would help if the pharmacy would fill the damned scripts for the full amount.  As it is, they consistently short me on strips.  A monthly script for checking 5 times a day does not equal 100 strips a month.  I suck at math but even I don’t need a calculator to add that one up.

My husband (god bless him) spent this AM researching glycemic index and glycemic load.  “How do you feel about raisins?”  “Errrr, not overly fond of them although I did find myself craving them yesterday…”  “There aren’t a lot of foods on this list with a glycemic load over 20, but raisins are one of them.”  Ok, so raisins it is.  My gut won’t thank me for that though.

Here’s the big revised table that the article I linked above references.

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  1. I’m not a fan of raisins myself, but if it works that would be perfect. Do what we always did as kids when we had to eat something we didn’t like. Keep us posted. I really hope something so small could help to get you balanced.

    • Thanks Lori. I need to get some. I pulled out of a 55 yesterday with ginger candies and teddy grahams but the sugar never did get high. Maybe a stead stream of raisins will help.


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