blood sugar battles continue

I got out of work yesterday around 5:00.  The minute I stepped out, I smelled food from the two restaurants near the back entrance to my building.  Oh that smells so good.  Maybe we should just get dinner in town before we go home…I thought blearily.  Tired, and feeling run down, I waited for my husband to pick me up.  A few minutes later, in the car, I thought to check my sugar.  61.  God damned 61.  Are you kidding me?  I ate lunch!  A nice healthy lunch!  With wild rice and veggies and everything!  WTF?!  It makes me wonder how long it was low for.  I was getting snacky at work around 4:00…but didn’t have any interest in procuring food.  I just wanted to get some work done.

So, a bag of chips and a third of a bottle of rootbeer on the way home.  Then dinner (chicken salad on rice crackers).  Somewhere between a half hour to an hour after dinner, my blood sugar was 125.  Then a little over an hour after that, it was 77.  Holy cow.

I’m adding fruit to today’s lunch.  And apparently I need a post lunch snack.  And a post dinner snack.  Again, I say wtf.  This is getting ridiculous.

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