Dear blood sugar,

Fuck you.  Seriously.  How dare you drop for no good reason?  I ate!  I ate healthy even!  I had an egg, sweet potatoes, and two lean slices of ham.  And within two hours you were on your way down, 77 and dropping if how I felt was any indicator.  So I had a granola bar.  And some chips.  And hey, I still feel like shit and you’re at 77 (still?  again?).  So I’m busting out the big guns….that’s right, it’s time for the root beer.  Mwahahaha!  Take that.

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  1. Do you check it? I presume you passed all the diabetes testing? sorry if you explained this before and I forget

    Sorry you’re dealing with this

  2. Hi Ana,
    I do check it. It gets low a lot and I’m bad at knowing that it’s low and not just me feeling generically crappy or hypotensive. I tend to assume that the dizziness and bad mood are just, well, dizziness and bad mood. So I do have a kit and I check it when I think to when I’m feeling bad. I had a glucose tolerance test,, my insulin and glucose levels were pretty low through out the test. They did what they should do curve-wise. Went up after the sugar bomb, then came down.

  3. That sucks.

    When I was healthy I always felt best snacking hourly…wonder if it’s related

    Now with the med I need to take 30 mins before I eat and on an empty stomach of two hours it’s really messed that up.

  4. That is a very specifically timed drug. How difficult!

    Hourly snacking is about right. I’m having a hard time coming up with a food I can eat. it used to be peanut butter cookies but I’m trying to do a low nickel diet (and I do think it’s helping the gut and mouth symptoms) and peanuts, beans, nuts, chocolate are all on that list. I tried grapes yesterday but still had some rather low blood sugars at quitting time. 70 something, took some glucose tablets, rechecked, 80 something, took another, thinking that should do it without overdoing it. About an hour later – it was a slow commute home from work, husband driving – because I was feeling so nauseous I checked it again. I thought “I’m probably just car sick and don’t need to check my sugar, I’m being obsessive about it” but finally checked it anyhow. And it was 65.


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