Day one

Started the new job.  And I have an office!  With my own temperature control.  OMG I am so happy.  Now I just need to get some better lighting (florescent and migraine don’t mix) and a couch-type thing for when I’m hypotensive and I’ll be all set.  Woo!  Day one was good but only after my gut decided to be a total bastard in the AM.  That damned RLQ pain was back, and bad.  I am starting to wonder if it is muscle/tendon/ligament pain.  The last two nights, I’ve tested that theory by taking a (half of a) zanaflex.  And so far, it’s been at bay.  Hmmmm.  Interesting.  Another interesting point, the bad pain started after I hurt my hip getting out of my car.  Not immediately after, but then I don’t always hurt right away after over extending a joint.  I’m wondering if there is some pelvic floor mischief going on.  I keep saying I’m going to look into getting a consult for it but with the new job, I keep running out of time.  I was planning on calling the GYN to discuss it and to discuss a referral.  There’s supposed to be a good clinic for this (along with a nifty downloadable protocol/standard of care for assessment and treatment) at one of the BATH’s, the one the GYN is affiliated with.  Ah, another reason why I think it is skeleto-muscular….it responds to NSAIDs.  At least for now.

But work.  Work is good so far.  I know what I’m doing, I feel like I have the skills to kick ass at this job.  And they are actually taking the time to train me and orient me, more than had been done at my last job.  Also, the office technically is an accommodation.  One that I asked for only two weeks before starting, and which they processed and granted within 5 days of getting my doctor’s letter.  How’s that for good?  It will be nice to have a refuge for when I’m feeling bad but need to stay at work.  If anyone has any suggestions on good reclineable but relatively inexpensive furniture, send them my way.  I am thinking of one of those sleeper chair things.  Saw some online at Target, showed my husband, who said “we can do better than that…”  🙂

Ok, well off to get ready for work.  Don’t want to be too late my first week on the job!

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  1. Exciting!

    Oh no on the pain!! Is that the pain you had the surgery for? Eeek.

    • It’s like it, not as bad thank god. I’ve been doing some research on pelvic floor dysfunction and EDS, they go together. Unfortunately, a lot of pelvic floor dysfunction is focused on problems caused by pregnancy/delivery and age. I am in neither group, I’m a special little snowflake, after all. I did a little more research on the BATH my GYN’s affiliated with and it looks like their clinic is very “traditional” pelvic floor dysfunction focused, also very surgery focused. One of the other BATHs (some would say THE other BATH but there are two others in the Big City) has a clinic that has GYN, colorectal surgeons, GI docs, Physical medicine and rehab docs…so an actual multidisciplinary approach. I may end up trying to go there. We’ll see.


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