A little while ago, I posted about my search for a new shampoo.  It turns out the department store dumbass labeled the samples wrong that I used for my patch test.  In the previous post on this topic, I mentioned that one of the samples was just fine.  What I didn’t mention was that my skin reacted to the other like it had been burned.  So, it turns out that the one I bought a whole bottle of was the one I was HIGHLY allergic to.  Thanks department store idiot!

My husband and I went back to ask for a return/exchange.  He offered to handle it, which was good because for things like this, if I’m already in a bad mood, I have a habit of….um, well verbal evisceration is not an inaccurate description of what I do to foolish people who mess with my health by doing their jobs poorly.  It’s not exactly explosive, I’m not likely to raise my voice.  It’s more of a ripping someone a new one using no swears and no shouting but plenty of unveiled contempt.  So hubby went in, told them what happened, showed them the mislabeled samples, and voila, exchange.  I’m glad.  I don’t love getting that pissed off but I was not in a great mood yesterday (family shit) and I knew my threshold for stupidity was going to be low.

So now I have the right one, Kiehl’s Olive Fruit Oil shampoo.

Just in time for my first day at the new job!

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  1. good luck with the job! how carelessly frustrating about the shampoo!!!!


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