Migraine 1, dyspatient 0

No sparkling visual effects, not a B.B.M. (big bad migraine) just oversensitivity to light and lingering “shadows” of what I see after I close my eyes.  This would be like the ghost images you get of lights, except it’s everything contrastive.  Dark picture frame on a light wall?  I will see a light square on a dark background when I close my eyes.  A glance at the vertical bars of the cast iron radiator in the living room?  Dark and light bars against the not quite black of a blink.

graph of barometric pressure trends for July in my area, migraine days corresponding with large changes.

red = bad migraine days

The most pronounced feature of the migraine that started last night was the nausea.  Oh god it was a bad one.  And my Zofran was hidden away someplace…my husband had to go on safari looking for it.

Here’s what I don’t get.  The pain.  All the descriptions I read online say migraine pain is usually described as pulsing or throbbing.  Nope.  Try searing, lancing, piercing, impaling.  That’s my migraine pain.  And I don’t always get pain, or pain that’s above a level of just gross discomfort.  What I do always get is a feeling of having my head broken into a million pieces, thought is not an option.  Sensations that should be peripheral and background become so prominent that they take over my senses and I want to shut down.  Last night, speech was difficult.  The thought of the sound of my voice, of organizing my muscles to move in a coordinated way made me feel sick.  It was like I’d been filled with heavy lava instead of blood, muscle, sinew, and bone.  It was exactly like that.

I am so sick of migraines.  This is why I despise the summer.  Really any time the pressure is jumping around like this can be bad.  We’ve had some thunder storms in the winter now that have screwed me up good (thunder snow?  thunderblizzard?  Anyone who thinks the climate isn’t changing should consider this.  We have no word for thunderstorms where the precipitation is not rain and hail but snow (and maybe some hail), but where “snow” must be made clear because thunderstorms historically happen when it is not cold enough for snow).

Today is forecast to be hotter than yesterday, storms predicted for tomorrow.  Until this breaks, and until the storm that is waiting in the wings makes its grand appearance on stage, I am stuck in this pattern.  I guess no big plans for me today.

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  1. Medical Mojave

     /  July 17, 2012

    Oh yuck! Hope you feel better. I know your current one is triggered by weather, but I’ve read lots anecdotal reports by women who found bio-identical progesterone to be a cure for migraines. I don’t have migraines, but have been researching progesterone as I just started taking it myself.


    • 😦 not for me. I took progesterone, two different kinds, for a while in the early 2000s, then had a Mirena implant (progesterone releasing IUD) – none of it treated me well. Didn’t seem to affect the migraines, actually the period of increase happened during my time on Mirena – I don’t think there was a link, the Mirena is out and has been for 18 months now and I’m still massively migrainous. I’m still looking for something that will help, unfortunately I think it’s just that my brain is wired this way and my vascular health is a bit on the shoddy side.

      What are you taking progesterone for? I’m curious. One of the side effects I had was that it can act as a CNS respiratory stimulant…and boy did it ever. I was profoundly short of breath the whole time I took it. This was horribly documented in my medical record, it now shows up as an allergy, lol. Effing idjits. It’s given to people with sleep apnea.

  2. Sounds horrendous! Feel better~


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