This is how I’m feeling.  I was doing well until a low blood sugar – yeah, I gotta get this under control.  The problem is eating in the morning really kicks up the gut symptoms, but not eating in the morning is making me crash in the afternoon.  My husband made food for the both of us, very nice, and I’d have liked to have been nice in return but instead I was just cranky.  I did an ok job of keeping it in check but I still feel bad for being cranky.

The exceptionally crankiness has passed.  Replaced now by chagrin at having been cranky instead of grateful, and a growing frustration that I can’t zip around the house doing all that I want to do because it is hot and there’s a storm looming, which means I have storm head – but I have things I want and need to do.  Gah.

Well, at least there’s a reason for feeling crappy (physically).  I’ll try to keep that in mind.  And let myself off the hook a bit here because the self recrimination is not helping.

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