The search for a new shampoo has ended with success, at least if my patch testing can be trusted.

Since April, my hair has looked electrified.  I suspect that there is a combination effect of my poor nutritional status (you don’t lose 10 pounds in a few months due to constant pooping without there being some ramifications for micronutrients), stress, and bad shampoo.  By “bad” I mean shit I’m allergic to.  I have since stopped washing my hair daily, stopped brushing or combing it when it’s wet, and modified my diet (removed the evil non-dairy creamer I was using and hey, like magic my gut has improved by about 60%!).  But still, I need a shampoo that is not going to turn my head into an itchy, bristling nettle patch.

Inspired by the allergist, I started patch testing.  Tried one my hairdresser recommended without a proper patch test and promptly had to rewash my hair about 5 times to stop the itching.  Tried a so called “hypoallergenic” one by Suave that burned my arm.  And finally, my lovely sweet darling husband went to a fancy store and got them to hand over two tiny pots of Kiehl’s shampoo, Olive Fruit Oil and Superbly Smoothing.  Patch testing the olive oil one and had a reaction. Did TWO patch tests with the smoothing one and DING DING DING!  WE HAVE A WINNER!  Woo!

And boy let me tell you, when I react to something, I really react to it.  It’s been nearly a month since I had the patch testing done at the allergy clinic and I still have red patches on my back.  In fact, one of them just reactivated (one of the Nickel patches) and is now all up and itchy again.  I saw my primary care last week, Thursday, and showed him.  He said, “Oh wow, look at that!  Can I take a picture?”  I said yes and he bolted out of the room yelling for the nurse “Get the camera!  Come and take a look!  You gotta see Dyspatient’s back!”  LOL.  Too funny.  He wants me to see a dentist at the B.A.T.H. he’s affiliated with to talk about whether we can remove my metal fillings now that we have some clear, controlled evidence that I am indeed exceptionally allergic to some of the metals that are likely to be in an amalgam mix.  I told him I had mentioned it to my current dentist.  “What did they say?” he asked.  “He said What?  you think there’s something wrong with amalgam?  Lalalalalala I can’t hear you!'” I said, with my hands clamped over my ears.  “He was kind of a douche” I added.  He said “Let’s see if we can get you in to see someone who’s not….” “…quite so douchey?” I prompted.  Not that I’m looking forward to having the metal drilled out of my head, and how they’ll do it with me being allergic to the shit they put in dental dams (yup) will be anyone’s guess, but I’m game for looking in to it.  I’ve been wondering about it for a while now, what with all the mouth pain, blisters, swelling, sores, and GI symptoms.

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