captcha? I don’t even know her!

Holy cow, the Blogspot captchas are getting really out of control.  I consider my vision to be decent, and by the eye doctor’s accounts it’s just fine (no accounting for floaters in the eye doc’s office).  So I wonder what people with actually bad vision do when they encounter the little “prove you’re not a robot and enter the ‘text’ you see here into this box” thing.  What I do is scrutinize the thing, then cautiously type the letters and numbers in, wondering if capitalizations count, and wishing the new blurry house number pictures would just go straight to hell.

screenshot of a captcha field in blogspot


I’ve tried the audio. A massive mess, when it does play, it plays a synthetic voice with noise, echo, and an overlapping loop of what can only be described as cacophonic nonsense.

So, if you have a blogspot/blogger blog and I sometimes don’t comment, it’s probably because I tried but had to give up after too many attempts to guess what I was supposed to be typing.  I’m hoping the NFB sues them, maybe they’ll make it more accessible if that happens.  Until then, I’ll go on trying but boy do I wish there was a better way to screen comments!

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  1. They are TOTALLY insane. I’ve always wondered if my blog uses it…do you remember?

    • I Just had my husband try to read this one. He did great up to the picture of the number. “i 7” he says. Um, no.

      Actually, I thought it was a 2 with a dot over it. but now that I’m looking at it with migraine eyes, it could be an i.

      Yes, your blog is using them. I think it’s the default for blogspot. I read a post somewhere about disabling them and using a spam filter….I’ll post a link if I can find it.

  2. I disabled mine but only publish the comments after I go through them to discourage spammers. It can be disabled.

    • I use the spam filter too. Generally, it seems to work pretty well. E.g., all these comments were not filtered out, but even if they had been, I’d have found them in the filter and can approve them. I guess that’s better than the eyeball scrambling Turing tests. 😉

  3. Anaphylaxing

     /  July 12, 2012

    I wonder if mine always did or if started because of the spam I’ve been receiving recently. If not I wonder how the heck the spam is passing those filters! I’ve seen it on MM’s blog and find them tough, but the other blogspot ppl I follow don’t seem to have it. Strange business!

    • When I used blogspot, I had it but it was a little bit easier then. Still, I did manage to get spam and so I can understand the need for something. I guess moderating comments (& going through by hand) is probably the only option. Not a problem for me because it’s not like I have massive readership but I could see where that could get tiresome if you get a lot of comments.


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