tape and sponges

Paper tape, and some sort of adhesive panels, are holding a multitude of potential allergens tight against my skin right now.  I had the panels for cutaneous allergy testing applied yesterday.  A quick appointment in a chilly office with a nurse I may have taught when I was at Big Effing U in the New England Outback.  Small world.  I go back tomorrow to have the stuff removed and for a 48 hour reading.  Then back again on Thursday for a final reading and a meeting with the doctor.

One thing to note:  when the nurse was telling me how long to expect for these appointments, she said “Wednesday will be a little longer than today, you’ll need to wait 20 minutes after the nurse takes off the panels before the reading.  And Thursday will be the quickest!”  I said “Oh, I thought on Thursday the doctor would  go over the results and what they mean.”  “Yes!” she said brightly, without a hint of awareness that there was anything odd about the idea that the interpretation and talking part should be the shortest appointment of the set.

I know it’s not just me who thinks this whole thing is a bit backwards.  It just seems reasonable that the interpretation and discussion should be the part with the biggest time investment.  The appointment Monday was a total of 15 minutes – so Thursday, when the doc talks to me, is anticipated to be less than that.  I have this image of the doctor coming in and talking like those legal disclaimers at the end of radio ads for cars.

Sponge baths for me for today and tomorrow.  Blech.  I’ll be happy to have these things off my back.

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