no time!

I haven’t posted in a while – lots to do and so little time.  Work is busy, but it’s a good busy that I like.  Plus, most of the more annoying people are not around now that summer has officially started.  They all just take off, like migratory birds.

Two bits of news.

  • I saw the allergist at B.A.T.H. and he seemed ok.  He agreed that I should figure out what metals I am allergic to, and seemed a bit stunned that I had never had allergy testing before despite all the odd rash/swelling-reactions I’ve had in my life.  This post really helped me in presenting my history – glad I took the time to write it all out.  He didn’t seem to think that I have classic food allergy symptoms, missing the throat closing ones and I hardly ever wheeze.  But a nickel allergy is a good thing to rule out for me – sad that so many foods on the nickel free diet are ones I love.
  • I have an interview!  The phone interview went well, so I’m going in for a day of interviews.  The recruiter told me to plan to be there for five hours.  Holy cow.  Well, here’s hoping there is ubiquitous air conditioning and no awkward “let’s take the candidate out to lunch” moments.

Moving next week, and having my big chat with HR at my current job.  Still editing that EEOC complaint, depending on how that meeting goes I may be adding a bit more to it.  One of the big drawbacks to filing a complaint has been knowing that I’d deal with underhanded retaliation at work, so how great would it be if I could leave this job and file the complaint?  A big relief, for sure.  I’d feel a lot better about making the complaint if I didn’t have to worry about on the job fall out.

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  1. That reaction post made me think of myself, only I don’t have such strong reactions now. I AM realizing that I have food sensitivities to things like chocolate (sob).

    As for work, I say keep doing the right thing, sooner or later their consciences will kick in. The thing I’ve come to learn as I evolve is that change can come very slow. Persistence is key. Things that, to you and I, would merit an immediate reaction, don’t process that way in others. I have hope if you keep plugging away, sooner or later they’ll either accommodate you to shut you up or finally realize they’re wrong to stonewall.

    Do you ever create catchy phrases to help drive your point home? I find that helps. Like a movie tag line. Short and sweet sound bites that create a persuasive image can really change people’s minds.


    • Oh no, not chocolate!

      I like the tag line idea. I do come up with catchy phrases and sometimes re-use them. I’m hard pressed to think of them right now, having some word-recall problems lately 😦 but I know when I’ve done this in the past, it’s been sort of off the cuff/unplanned. But I like the idea of doing it more strategically.


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