day 1

First day back after my leave for surgery.  It’s going to be a doozie.  I was told on Sunday that there is an event in my workspace that will necessitate my working elsewhere for the day.  This happens with some regularity, on average, once a month.  Regardless of the validity of these “needs” for my space, the fact remains they exist and there’s not much I can do about them without pissing off my coworkers.  This need was a significant part of why I filed accommodation requests with my employer.  And they turned down most of the requests – no offers for altern_atives, just no.  But one that they did not was arranging an alternate set up for me in my building where I could work without getting sick when the need arose for me to work other than at my regular spot.

So…guess what hasn’t yet been set up?  If you guessed “alternativework station” you are correct, you win a complaint to the EEOC!

Ah the joys of filling out governmental forms.

I had been planning to wait to see how HR handled the remaining two accommodation requests – these are the ones for which they asked for “more documentation” from my doctor.  I got it, sent it in mid March.  Nothing.  Nada.  Plans for meetings canceled and rescheduled many times.  The most recent rescheduled time is for the end of May.  I was going to wait, but HR got involved in my inquiry about where I could work today and said that they had no obligation to provide this alternative space.  Uh, really?  Did you read the same irritating letter from you that I did?  Oh wait, you wrote the irritating letter.  So I guess I’m just on crazy pills, right guys?

And so it begins.  I am busily writing up this complaint.  Even if it goes nowhere, I want there to be a record of a complaint.  I want them to get notice of the complaint, and I want it to reflect on the new staff member in HR who has done such a bang up job of processing my requests.  I am thinking of reaching out to two other employees who I know have been mistreated by our employer for disability accommodation requests and subject to blatant discrimination.  There is room on the form for that.

What a welcome back to work!

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  1. Hope you get it resolved!


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