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Thinking about a new job brings up the prospect of navigating disclosures.  As much as I’d like to avoid it, experience dictates that this is impossible.  E.g., at my last job, I tried like hell to avoid disclosing my health problems – unfortunately, becoming incapacitated by a killer migraine right around my birthday in my 3rd month there pretty much blew that big plan all to hell.

So there is time off for illness.  Most of the time, I can manage with some flexibility in start and end times without needing a full day off for illness.  But then there is time off for medical appointments – my primary care’s office is a guarantee of 3 hours minimum and it’s not super local, so add in driving time.  BATHs mean getting in, parking, getting out…another source of time sucking.  And god help me if I need any treatments or therapeutic appointments like PT or IV hydration.

Do I tell them all this up front?  At a new job, I won’t have FMLA until 1 year in.  And I will likely not accrue sick/vacation/personal time right away.  For my readers who are employed outside the home and have chronic health conditions:  how do you navigate this?  I’d be interested to hear your stories, lessons learned, tips, warnings, etc.

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  1. So stressful. Working when I was well I would only call in sick if violently vomiting, which happened about 3 times a year. I hated even discussing that illness when at work. I hope to return to out of house work, but I agree I am so terrified of discussing health issues and seeming high maintenance .

    • High maintenance is the right word, for sure, that’s exactly what I worry about seeming to be. And it’s too bad because I’ll bet you’re a good worker and worth the “maintenance” costs. You are smart, articulate, creative, good at problem solving. 🙂


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