Applying myself

Got the job application done.  And now I wait.  Which is fine by me, because I’m feeling pretty cruddy and wouldn’t be up for an interview this week.  😦

I’ve switched from the hyosciamine/Levsin to Lomotil.  I’m losing too much weight and well, honestly, it hurts to have to go so much.  I have no idea what’s got my gut on over-drive, but I sure will be interested to see what the allergy people have to say because this whole week of bad gut has come with daily facial flushing.  I’m wondering about calling my GI doctor to ask if they stained the biopsies they took during the colonoscopy last fall for mast cells.  You’d like to think they would leave no stone unturned after putting a patient through the misery that is a prep and scope, but, well, I’m losing that rosey viewed optimism finally at the ripe old age of 40.  I think what did it was realizing that after the 12 needles in my neck/thyroid biopsy, they didn’t stain for the kind of cells that would have caused my symptoms.

On the bright side – there has to be a bright side…we still haven’t found a place to live and it’s May – I’ve lost so much weight that I will easily fit into my very nice suit despite the still slightly distended and tender pelvis should I get an interview.  So yay, bright side!

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  May 3, 2012

    My friend, my dear friend!! I am excited that you applied for a new job. I desperately need to catch up all that is going on – so much in the time that I have been less blog active!! Sending best wishes and reminding you that we have space here foil our home for moving! :).

  2. Flushing? Oh noo. Now would be a good time to have your tryptase checked. Are you on any new meds? You might be reacting to them. Or eating anything new? I would d/c anything unnecessary so the reactions don’t escalate.

    flushing is one of my most common warning signs usually with delayed GI upset after it. You should go to Brigham….

    • Yes, I find the flushing to be problematic – it’s uncomfortable and usually is a heralding sign of feeling totally rotten. My BPs been decent though, only one dip. I guess I could ask about getting the tryptase checked again. Unfortunately, the people who were checking it have discharged me from their service, so I’d have to try to get my primary to order it, and honestly, I’m all doctored out right now. I know, lame, I should strike while the iron is hot. But I saw so many doctors in April. I need a break!

  3. oh as far as the GI mast cell stuff. Proper sampling is rarely done looking for mast cells unless it was detailed by a mast cell doc or done by the GI at Brigham who has a mast cell interest. The thing is, it doesn’t change the treatment too much, just kind of a “oh yep, you have mast cells in your GI tract; you GI tract is messed up” Which most of us already know. We need to sort out triggers and use meds when necessary to control symptoms.

    if you need the sampling protocol, I think I have one on hand somewhere than I can send to you

  4. A little update: I just found out that a coworker, who I like and work very well with, has a connection with the job I applied for. He’s chummy with the boss. Says he’s going to put in a good word for me. Eeep!


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