rrhoid alert

Erg.  I’ve got ’em.  I’ve had them for a while, but whether it was the month of narcotic pain meds or the surgery itself or the straining to pee, they’ve gone into overdrive.  They being the little slices of hell called hemorrhoids.

Doing home care.  I already have a sitz bath, thank god, because I’m on a “no baths” restriction post-op.  Sent hubby out for epsom salts.  I really hope this responds to home care because I am not in the mood to add another doctor to the list of medical specialists I see.  😦

They say that you get them from constipation, from straining.  That’s the classic reason.  And the classic “cure” is to improve your diet.  Unfortunately, you also get them from – well, to put an indelicate topic somewhat more delicately – going too much, which is where I fall on the spectrum.  And so far, there’s no diet or meds that make that stop.  I’m down to 124 lbs now, lost more since this thing started although on reflection it’s really been on a downward trend since January.  I want to blame the Colace, which I had been taking on account of the pain meds in April.  But I haven’t taken Colace in a while and I’m still, er, going.  I’m sure any trip to a doctor for this is going to include a well intentioned but largely clueless lecture about fiber.  Ha, fiber?  Fiber just makes it worse.  I’ve had doctors tell me to have more fiber, then when I shed pounds like a teen beauty pageant contestant, to for the love of god stop the fiber.  Only to repeat that cycle again when I have a new doctor (for a while, in the Olde New England Outback, my GI doctors kept leaving the state so I was rotated through an entire practice until I finally had it out with one of them whose crazy rude office/medical assistant suggested that I was taking laxatives).

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  1. good luck with the job!!

  2. queenofoptimism

     /  May 12, 2012

    Bravo! Way to handle unhelpful people! I have to come up with a true, tidy response for my last name.


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