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One week post op.  I’m weaning myself down off the prescription pain meds.  Difficult since my favorite OTC is Ibuprofen but it really does a number on my stomach if I take it daily.

Today, I found a place I might be able to live and job posting for a job that I could do.  Full time, which isn’t ideal, but then I remind myself that I did this job full time for nearly three years and if it hadn’t been so RIGID in terms of time, so unrealistic in terms of task, and so toxic in terms of atmosphere, I probably could have kept at it.  I’m trying to hold on to hope.

So today, I touched up the resume, wrote two drafts of my cover letter, and made a bunch of phone calls for new places to live.  One viewing scheduled for Wednesday – it’s a two family (not my preference) one bath (also not my preference) but it’s the top two floors of the house, there’s a washer/dryer IN UNIT (wooo!), the location is ideal, and the price is good.  A mix of pros and cons but definitely worth a look.  I managed to mention that I have publications when talking with the real estate agent.  Oh yeah, I’m a published researcher, that’s right.  It came up when I gave my husband’s name:  “oh, his last name is different” the agent remarked.  I replied, “Yes, well, I’m an academic and I had published some papers prior to meeting my husband.  My advisor told me that if I changed my name when I got married, it would mess up my publication history so I just kept mine.”  BOOM.  Take that!

I don’t usually boast about the research cred but if someone is going to be socially tacky enough to comment on married people not having the same last name in 2012, then I find it both personally satisfying and socially advantageous to turn that tacky faux pas into an opportunity for self promotion.

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  1. Glad you’re feeling a bit better! I had similar advice but changed by name and it is harder to credit for your work I think. So you were smart!

    Hope the new job works out!


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