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Let’s start this post with the following caveat:  I’m coming up on pain med/lay on the couch time so I may stop abruptly.

Pre-op.  I’ve had four pelvic surgeries in my life, and several upper and lower GI scopes.  I think all but yesterday’s were in the AM (one GI capsule endoscopy was started a little late and had continuing restrictions for the next several hours and that also sucked).  And now I know why they will remain in the AM.  Lack of caffeine.  Not long after starting the IV for my 12:50 surgery, the familiar little sparkling geometric pattern popped into my vision.  “Ah shit, I’m getting a migraine”.  The anesthesiologist was the first person I saw to tell this to.  Lack of caffeine, stormy weather, disturbed sleep for the last three weeks.

After asking me a few questions to make sure I actually HAD migraines and that this wasn’t some kind of seizure or something, he said “I’ll see what I can get you for that…” and came with massively awesome drugs.  Versed and Fentanyl.  Holy cow, now that is how you clobber a migraine.

Talked to doc pre-op and asked if he could do a bladder hydrodistention to look for any evidence of interstitial cystitis (IC), since he’d be in there, I’d be under, and there is a bladdery component to this.  Sure thing, we went over how cystoscopy wasn’t the most sensitive for IC, that you can have IC and not have visualizable findings.  Yup, I know.  But if this lap turns out to not show much that could have caused all this pain, I’d rather have done the cystoscopy now than wait and have someone recommend it in July, and expose myself to more anesthesia laden procedures.

Findings:  no evidence of IC.  One (or some) adhesion(s) between the cecum and abdominal wall that the surgeon felt was unlikely to have caused all that pain, or so he told my husband.  The drawbacks of being an add on for a procedure (and slow to wake from anesthesia, I was out for twice as long as the surgery took) is that you don’t get to have that immediately post op Q&A with the doc.  The doc’s office has my follow up scheduled for JUNE!  LOL, or SOL (swearing out loud), take your pick.  I’m going to consider this an oversight, a vestige from my surgery initially being scheduled in June rather than the office thinking that 7 weeks out is an adequate time frame for a follow up post-op appointment.  I will be calling them today.  Also calling to ask about the restriction the resident wrote:  no fioricet.  Um….which part of “I get migraines a lot, I spend most of the summer in a migraine state and outside of summer I get them about once every week or so” did she not get?  Just writing “no fioricet” without any indication of how long “no fioricet” stands on someone who is a walking migraine is not ok.  More evidence of specialists’ reductionist approach to medicine.  Each body is just a collection of parts, and this is MY part so this is the only part I will care about and I will care about it as if it exists in isolation.

Right.  I am about to have to encounter this with the attending too, since the third reason for my call to GYN Surg today is going to be about medical leave.  Yes, this was a “minor” laparoscopic procedure with minimal cutting.  However, when it comes to anesthetizing and then poking around my bowel, there is no such thing as minor.  I also have a slower constitutional recovery, I know this from past surgeries.  And where I work, there is no such thing as a reduced work load or schedule.  So I am not going back until I am truly ready to go back.  But accepting this as legit means accepting the validity, the reality of the autonomic fuckery my body is predisposed to.  And it has been my experience that autonomic fuckery is not something reductionists can handle.

Ok, time for meds and couch.  Then phone calls.

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  1. I’m so glad you’re on the other side, but I wish you knew more about how it went. It’s like going through on a conveyor belt the way they treat people. I’m glad they didn’t find anything nasty, but hope maybe those cecal adhesions were to blame and you’l get some relief now. I’m impressed that you convinced the gyne to do a cystoscopy; in Canada, they’d have to call in a urologist. I hope the recovery is faster than your previous experiences. Did you notice any allergy type symptoms with any of it?

    Take care!

  2. Allergy symptoms – super itchy! But they used latex allergy protocols with me, which was good. My gyn surg is the head of the minimally invasive GYN surgery group at the Big Ass Teaching Hospital, guess that’s why he was ok with it. He’d done them before.

  3. Reductionist is a great way to describe medicine. Someday they are going to realize they’ve been doing it all wrong. May we witness that great awakening.

    Glad you’re done with surgery, hope the release of those adhesions helps. Sometimes guts just hurt for no apparent reason.

    Thanks for the SNL clip on Game of Thrones. I’ll have to show that to my husband. I’m starting to get bored with it now, too much intrigue with gratuitous nudity and too many characters we like dying. I do kind of want to see what happens with the dragons though.


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