Pain in the…


Is what I have.  I know the history well.  I’ve told it about 5 times now.

Abdominal pain, penetrating to back, for the last two weeks.  Severe at times, resolved to moderate/mild.  Plain films (KUB, CXR) at Ye Olde New Englande Hospitale showed nothing remarkable.

Three days ago, lower pelvic pain and back/flank pain began.  Diffuse and dull.  Assumed it was a pulled muscle in hip/sacral area.  Took advil and tylenol, hot packs, etc.  Resolved for a day.  Back on Monday late morning with diffuse dull pain which consolidated into increasingly severe pain on left lower quadrant of pelvis, severe back pain, radiating pain into groin and up to just below ribs.  When it was bad enough that I was crying, I went to the ER.  Another Ye Olde New Englande Hospitales…the bad one.  The very bad one.  And I was treated badly.  I will be making a complaint, later, when I’m not in ungodly pain.  Why am I still in pain after morphine and dilaudid and toradol?  Because Ye Olde New Englande ER Attending, Esq, discharged me without pain meds, without pelvic exam, and without ultrasound after pumping me full of CT contrast.

Hey, but you’d have seen my kidneys and would have seen a kidney stone, right?  I asked naively before things went way down hill.  Um, no.  Actually no.  We wouldn’t.  But I’m done, I ruled out diverticulitis and now that’s it.  I suppose I could do a pelvic exam and ultrasound “to be complete….”  unspoken:  but I don’t really want to and can’t you just go away?

So now I call GYN to follow up.  He says call GYN surgery.  And around and around and around….

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  1. Ah…the wonderful ER doc that could care less! I’ve encountered him before also. Pain like that needs an explanation I would think. I hope you can get into GYN soon and figure out what is going on. I have had both divericulitis and a kidney stone and the pain is bad. Good luck!


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