I have always loved and craved salt.  For a while, when I was married to the ER doctor, I avoided salt.  He was a bit on the hypertensive side, so I had gotten in the habit of reducing or eliminating salt in recipes and we didn’t have table salt.   For some time after that relationship ended, I continued the reduced salt habit.  Recently though, I’ve been told by several doctors that I need more salt.  “Ok, well then, more salt it is!” I decided happily.

It is becoming clear though, especially on days when I can’t eat much, that I am not getting enough salt in through food alone.  “You should be taking salt pills” said the genetics guy, in reference to my POTS-like symptoms.  “Why aren’t you on salt pills?” asked the RN at my neurologist’s office when we were talking about my very low blood pressure and habit of passing out.

I’ve tried Florinef, but it made me super nauseous.  I’ve tried Midodrine, but it was recalled shortly after I began taking it.  I don’t know if it’s back out yet, it’s one of those drugs that the FDA recalled because, as I understand it, it’s too old (that’s a loaded statement, I know, but it’s my interpretation of what has happened with this and another drug I take, Levsin/hyoscyamine. In the case of hyoscyamine at least, the reason for pulling approval was that the drug was old enough that it hadn’t been tested under the newer FDA standards for efficacy…let me break that down:  it’s not that this drug which many people with IBS-D type symptoms take is dangerous, it’s that despite us and our doctors finding it to be a helpful and effective drug, the (generic) drug doesn’t make enough money for a drug company to have invested in testing its efficacy and so the FDA has pulled its approval.  I can still get Levsin, but because of the FDA action, I pay for it out of pocket, and ration my pills like they were gold).

And so I think I will try salt pills.  No idea what’s a good one, I should probably ask a doctor.  But I’m asking here too.  If you’ve had any experience with them, let me know.

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  1. I tried salt pills for awhile couldn’t tell if they were making a diff so stopped and load salt on what I eat. Someone told me I should have urine and serum osmoles checked before starting to see what my Na situation was, but I haven’t done that.

  2. My serum sodium’s always just a touch on the low side, and my urine is high. My primary care and the nephrologist he referred me to have said I seem to be “loosing some salt” in my urine. I’m going to ask the primary care about the salt pills. He may send me back to nephrology, not my idea of fun to have another specialist, but he’s at least a decent fellow who I happened to have worked with once a long long time ago (when he was a wee baby resident!).

  3. Oh interesting that you’ve had it checked. Sounds like you need it.

    p.s. I had an allergic reaction to Florinef that sent me back to square one after 3 months of recovering form my initial anaphylaxis. I hate meds.

  4. Iodised salt is apparently good!


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