grumble grumble grumble

I’m cranky today.  I was yesterday too.  I wouldn’t necessarily have recognized it yesterday – i.e. if I’d been asked, or asked myself, I would have said I wasn’t feeling particularly peevish.  But I was being particularly peevish.

Here’s why:

I’m always prone to a little extra crankiness when I have doctor’s appointments pending.  Not just any appointment, but the “follow up on tests” appointments seem to especially invoke this.  It is not helped by endocrine fellow calling yesterday to tell me that the results from the tests I had done weeks ago had not reached her yet.  She was being a bit pokey about it too.  “Well, I have an appointment Friday with you guys.  Do you think you’ll be able to check on them before that or do I need to call Quest?”  She said she would call, but she sounded a bit vague about it.  More like “I’ll get to it” than “I’ll get right on it”.  And I sort of understand that, I’m one of several patients she has and so for her my missing lab values are a drop in a bucket.  For me?  Well, I’m my only patient (usually, if husband or pet is sick then that expands but right now it’s just me).  So I called.  Quest followed up fast, I gotta give them that.  Turns out endocrine fellow gave them the wrong fax number.


Endocrine fellow called me back later in the afternoon to tell me she got them and they were normal.  “Do I still need to see you this week then?” I asked.  She’s going to ask the attending.  I reminded her that they had discussed referring me to an allergist as a possible next step.  She will ask about that and will call back.  Oh more waiting!  And not just waiting, but waiting for the discharge from service.  Always makes me feel a little hopeless.


I was really hoping for an answer.  You’d think I’d be used to this by now – I am but it still sucks.  I want a repeat of the labs when I am more symptomatic.  Late spring through mid Fall are my worst times, but I’m not sure I want to do it with endocrine.  I think I’d rather do it with primary care, who is a bit easier to get in to see – endocrine seems like they only book for one day a week, Friday, and it’s in town which means a bit chunk carved out of my day.  Which means more missed work.  So it was with this in mind that I realized I wanted to have them send my results to my primary care.  Crap, I realized it late.  It was almost five.  I called, got immediately put on hold.  And there I sat for 20 minutes.  Oh way to really piss me off.  I was actually expecting I might get the message service or voicemail – I could have left a message and that would be that.  But instead, I got the office shrew who I am guessing just didn’t want to deal with a late, last minute call.  Bad idea office shrew.  While I was on hold, I called on another line and left a voicemail, a shitty voicemail.  And while I was on hold, I also typed and faxed a letter asking for the results to be sent to my primary care.

And I guess they called back. I haven’t bothered to listen to it because I was so shitty in my message that I’m not sure I want to hear the response.  I just want my effing lab results.

This morning, I am going to the Neurologist’s office to have an EMG for my hand/wrist thing.  Which has been acting up because I was doing some programming at work yesterday.  And then it’s off to the primary care for a discussion appointment, the first of two I think.  I have non-high hopes for it.  I would like to think if I were in a better mood, I’d be less pessimistic.  I need to shake this, it’s not a good attitude to go in there with.

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  March 19, 2012

    I am sooooooooooo confused about you and Endo. How an that NoT be a problem area for you? Makes me crazy!

    Hope discussions are going well.

    • It’s good to hear from you Queen! I missed you.

      I think they’ve done a decent work up. I do think a few tests bear repeating, but truly I would be happier doing them with my primary care. I’m ok with the allergy referral. I need to get patch tested if for no reason other than wanting to know what metals I am allergic to. Without knowing, I’d be in for a rocky ride should I ever need medical metal put into my body. And a lot of this stuff started after I changed dentists and the new one started filling my teeth with metal (amalgam) fillings. I have a demonstrated metal allergy, I know silver and copper are in the mix of things that make me hive up. It may not answer everything, but an allergy work up, providing it’s a legit internal medicine focused one and not one of those cosmetic dermatologist who moonlights as an allergist one, is a good idea. I mentioned it to PCP last night and he agreed.

  2. queenofoptimism

     /  March 19, 2012

    Oh, and your crankiness has rubbed off. Xoxo. Feeling prickly.

    • I think we’re just a little more prone to prickly, on account of so much of our resources being devoted to getting through the days with pain and physical limitations. It’s frustrating and it makes for a short temper some days.


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