I typed a text message to my husband while I was in the parking lot at work, on my way out, overheated and flushed and yes, a bit itchy.  “Gonna get my bloodwork done” was what I had meant to write.  Autocorrect changed it to “bloodbath”.  Heh.

I went to the closest lab, which was run by Quest Diagnostics.  The closest because they close at 4:00 and I’m trying  to limit how much time I miss from work and my symptoms are much more likely to flare in the later afternoon/evening hours. This was the first time I’d gone to this particular Quest facility and wow, no bed/couch.  Just the chair.  That would be the rigid high chair that you sit in, the one that practically begs you to pass out.  Thank you Quest.  They should post that on their website: “This facility would not be ideal for patients who pass out”, even in fine print. I would read it.  They post the hell out of crap like which facilities do drug tests and when.  I guess that the mere patients just don’t rate high enough for Quest to be bothered putting in beds or telling you which facilities don’t have them.

The reason I find the chair so objectionable is that I’ve done the chair at Quest, at another one down in the New England Outback some years ago.  And I started to pass out after being bullied into using the chair.  And the tech did not help me out of the chair or help me at all, but instead looked at me on the floor (which is where I had gone to on the premise that I’d rather go there voluntarily while I was still semiconscious than involuntarily like a sack of potatoes) like I was a dog that had pooped on her carpet.  Me all sweaty and retching on the floor and her just looking as useless as she was.  Lovely.  So I always ask for a bed.  But not today.  Nope.  No bed.  And no time to go elsewhere.  And this draw (tryptase) was hard enough to schedule, because it had to be while I was symptomatic.

It wasn’t a raging symptom set I was having, but I was moderately symptomatic and actually had the ability to leave work early enough to get to a lab before it closed – at 4:00.

I’m going to try to do the urine collection this weekend and drop it off Monday.  Gosh, it’d be swell if the lab was open on the weekend, but they are only open alternate Saturdays not on or too near a holiday.

I’m so happy the week is over.  Been a bit of a stressy week.  I’m hearing bad things about the accommodations at work, just found out we’ll have to move in June-ish (June or July), so….gah.


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  1. Move?? Oh no that’s stressful

    I’m so sorry to hear about your lab experience that is horrendous! How uncaring.

    • The one up here that I usually go to has been ok. This was a new one, closer to work. I probably won’t be going there for much again.

      And yes, MOVE! Because life was getting too boring, apparently. :/

  2. I used to be a fainter when getting bloodwork, but not too much anymore. I don’t watch, and I tell them that I am a hard stick, and I might collapse at their feet. I think I freak out the lab techs and so they treat me with kid gloves! Sorry this happened to you.

    • Usually, they appreciate the head’s up. Usually. I don’t pass out much anymore…can’t help thinking I’m tempting fate by even writing that ;p but I know if I’m feeling unwell to start with, it’s a good idea not to do it sitting up. And I have a two tries then stop and rest rule now.

  3. queenofoptimism

     /  May 12, 2012

    Sucks. My quest has a super big chair -, enough to lean my head back orto the side. Hugs!,

    • Unfortunately, I have a tendency to curl up when I’m feeling syncopal. When you’re in a high-chair, that means toppling over onto the floor. ;p

      • queenofoptimism

         /  May 12, 2012

        I wish we could be illness buddies in real-life. We could take each other to appointments, advocate for one another, hold hands, prepare with smellind salts…. But i would need a medical dictionary to be around you to translate. : ). I just want to support you. Imagine what we could accomplish together.

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