want a giraffe?

It’s technically called borborygmi, but I call it “balloon animal time”.  It’s when my gut is all twisty and noisy.  Since mid-January, it’s been working overtime on the balloon animals.  When I can stand to, I eat like there’s no tomorrow (i.e. on the weekends, when there is a tomorrow but not one that requires I launch myself out of bed before my gut has had time to grow accustomed to the idea).  But when tomorrow is coming, and it requires that I get up and out fast, dinner is often broth.

And I am hungry.

But I need to get to work, which means I need to not be parked on the toilet for hours each morning.


This week’s highlights include:

  • Work accommodation stuff (I’m told that HR will be meeting with my boss for a final round of going over stuff – this kills me since I had thought that the interactive process of requesting and granting accommodations meant it would be interactively involving ME.  Apparently not so much).
  • A visit to the oral medicine people since the mouth sores are coming back.
  • Ramping up for midterms at work, always a stressful time.
  • Lots and lots of anticholinergics.
  • Hoping again to find the time, the right time, to get my blood drawn for a tryptase level.

Thank god it’s a four day week.

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  1. Good luck with that work stuff, they sure are taking long enough! I sympathize with the toilet time!

  2. It’s Anaphylaxing, great blog! Glad to e-meet you, but not glad you’re having health issues. I want to make sure you’ve heard of MCAS in case your mastocytosis testing comes back negative? Are your still in Boston (started reading your blog :), If so, you live where the world experts are in mast cell disease at BWH. If I lived there, I would get into see them ASAP. Mast cell disease is so poorly understood by almost everyone else. You’ve motivated me to post about MCAS.

    I look forward to reading more of your blog. I LOOOOooooove cats and miss them sooo much.

    I posted this in my comments by realized you might not be checking them

    • Hi “ana”, thanks! I’m glad I found your blog. So much useful info there! I had run across references to MCAS/MCAD (is there a difference?) This mast cell stuff is still new to me. It’s interesting that no one thought to look for it before. But hey, at least we’re going there now. I am still in Boston (land of the Big Ass Teaching Hospitals!) so I will look into BWH. My primary isn’t fond of them – and I’m not fond of their non-doctor staff (just one too many not great interactions with them) but definitely have respect for the hospital as a whole.

      • Oh my gosh I am so excited/jealous that you live in hospital. Don’t worry about the hospital as a whole’s rep just go to Dr Castells at the mastoctysosis center of excellence and you’ll be seeing the word leader in MCAS etc. They used to call versions of mast cell disease MCAD, but the recent consensus proposal suggests calling it MCAS…check out my post from today for deets. Whatever you have I hope it gets better!

  3. I meant Boston not hospital LOL

    • LOL, may as well be renamed to Hospital. There’s a ton of ’em. And my family has worked at most of them. THANK YOU for the name for the BWH doc, and center. I am definitely going to look into it. Just gotta get this pee and blood work done first (grrr).


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