Trying to get it right, but it’s hard.  I spend so much of my life trying NOT to feel ill that I have a hard time actually choosing to induce the state in myself.  This seems reasonable.  But in the case of the blood and urine tests for histamine (looking for evidence of mastocytosis), I need to either test when I’m spontaneously symptomatic or do the things that will make me feel bad then test.  When I’m spontaneously symptomatic tends not to be when I can test.  E.g. most days, I feel much worse in the afternoon and evening, and I’m at work during weekdays until at least 4:30, which is when the labs are closing and closed.  I could do the 24 hour urine collection, which I’m supposed to start when I’m having symptoms, but again, work.  How exactly am I going to do a 24 hour urine collection when that 24 hours spans work time?

Funny thing about that.  My boss mentioned he was being tested for diabetes insipidous, which includes a 24 hour urine test (he mentioned it, not I).  “Oh, I think that’s a work from home day” I said to him.  “Yeah, I don’t really want to carry a jug around all day.”  I didn’t say “Man, I know what you mean, I’ve done like 3 of those things and it sucks”.  I didn’t say “At least you’re a guy and you can just, you know, GO right into the jug and not screw around with ‘hats’.”  I did say “well maybe you could get a fancy bag to put the jug in, and then it would just be fashion.”

Oh yes, I did say that.

Sometimes my mouth runs away with me.

On the topic of work, it’s been nearly 6 weeks since I submitted my requests for accommodations at work.  I was asked to come in and be interrogated by HR over two weeks ago, and since then I’ve emailed twice to ask how the process is going, see if they need any more info, and have heard NOTHING.  Not even a polite but uniformative email reply.  How’s that for professional?

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  1. I hate those 24 hour pee tests…such a pain in the ass.

  2. queenofoptimism

     /  May 12, 2012

    Ok…. I haven’t been chronologically through your accommodation but I am mad and Sad at this point. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the ADA is that it’s a joke – and therefore my heart breaks.

    • If you can believe it, they are still jerking me around on the accommodation request process. A request for more info, then they asked for detailed work flow reports, then backed off that, then set up a meeting, canceled it, rescheduled, canceled, rescheduled, canceled, and we’re on reschedule #4 now for the end of May. And this is on a request from January.

      One of the big problems with the ADA is that it’s only enforced by complaint. I have no idea if what they’re doing with me is actionable (complaint-wise). My boss successfully dissuaded me from filing a complaint a few months ago now. I’m still thinking of doing it. I was sort of waiting for that last meeting (the one they keep rescheduling).

      • queenofoptimism

         /  May 12, 2012

        I’m so curious to know if you can get to the next step of filing a complaint. I followed all instructions for my state’s EEOC office process and got nowhere. I paid 2 different attorneys to help me get my request through and got nowhere. I want a better outcome in your case.

  3. Knowing how things went down for you also has definitely impacted my decision not to go to the EEOC right away. My sense in general is that my situation is more “potential” discrimination than actual. I.e., it is a procedural violation for sure, but until/unless I lose my job or receive a negative evaluation, it’s perhaps not something the EEOC is interested in. I could be all wet here though. These are just impressions and I’d be hard pressed to point to how exactly I arrived at them.


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