Not better

Had my second meeting with HR, this one about accommodations, yesterday.

We went over every single accommodation to help the rep get a better understanding of the nature of the limitation behind them (seems the form wasn’t her favorite either).  The problem is, it felt very much like an inquisition.  E.g., the rep seemed to get really hung up on the heat/cold thing.  Must have asked “has anyone complained that the room is too cold?” in a dozen different ways.  How do I explain that yes, they have but then I work with some very intolerant people?  The temp I am asking for is not outside OSHA’s suggested temperature for a room.  When we were done with whether it is ok for me to adjust my work area’s temp to what is ok for me, the rep told me that it could be difficult to make sure EVERY room I’m in would be ok for me.  Again, I felt like I had to defend this and I didn’t like it.  I didn’t like it because for others, temp is a convenience or comfort issue.  For me, it’s a health one.  And the temp I’m asking for isn’t crazy cold.  And others can put on a sweater, I can’t take off my clothes, and I am NOT asking for every room I spend any time in to be at MY temp.  If it’s not in my 8 hour day 5 day a week work space, it doesn’t need to be that temp.  E.g., if I go to a meeting and it’s too warm for me, I can (a) ask if we can open a window, door, or adjust the heat (b) ask to reschedule (if it’s a meeting where my presence is crucial) to a cooler room another time (c) leave.  Most days, I can’t do that in my workspace.  Often the nature of my job is that I am stuck there all day, slowly overheating until I feel quite ill.

Meh.  So I’m not in a great mood.

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