Asking for it

Thursday was a particularly bad day at work this week.  After a horrible encounter with a bullying unreasonable coworker, I made the following phone calls:

  • To HR, to make arrangements to file a formal complaint against a coworker for bullying and harassment.
  • To my therapist, to try to get in sooner to talk about this (and related) events.
  • To my primary care, to ask for medication for situational anxiety and insomnia related to work stress.

HR meeting is today.  I have 17 pages of notes for them.  2 are summary statements of the events and the rest are emails and meeting notes I kept.  My past meetings with HR to discuss problems similar to this one, but not to make a formal complaint, have not been super satisfactory.  So I don’t hold out a lot of hope for  this one, but I have to try.  Maybe I’ll be pleasantly surprised.  If not, and if it happens again, I will be contacting the EEOC.

Therapist was yesterday.  It was the soonest she could see me.  “Fuck her!” my therapist said after I described the situation and coworker involved in it.  She had also said on the phone when I started crying, “I want to slap her”.  Oh I love my therapist.  She also helped me figure out how to say what I want to say to HR about this.  She’s so helpful.  I’m lucky to have her.

Primary care is Tuesday.  Soonest I could get.  I have no idea how this will go.  I have no idea what drug to ask for.  The

ink drawing of an apparently ill woman laying on a fainting couch with concerned onlookers

If one of you lads could just fetch my valium...

only psych drug I take is Elavil, which I take at a low dose for migraine prophylaxis and “IBS-D”.  I’m thinking benzodiazepines are probably the class of drugs that are most appropriate.  I don’t plan to take these drugs all the time, but after days like Thursday, I need something to help me fall asleep.  No sleep = worse physical effects of the stressing event, and my body has about all the physical effects it can take, thank you.

Oh last bit of news before I run…taking a quick break (been working all morning!) – I have another meeting with HR on Monday to discuss my accommodations.  Wondering if my call to complaint has anything to do with hearing from them.  The woman who is handling it did mention the complaint when she called me to set up the appointment.  Hmmmmmm.

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