They’re back

And so are their colds, flu, and various intestinal viruses.  The students I mean.  Today is day one of classes.  The end of my slow period at work, and the start of the less busy semester of the two.

Whatever will I do with my time?  Well, for starters, I will look for another job.  I’m not “desperately seeking”, not yet, not until I know how the accommodation request ends up.  But I am seeking.  There’s too much toxicity where I work.  It’s a strange, unprofessional culture in academia.  Would I be happier somewhere else?  Probably.  Will I miss working with the students?  Yes.  Will I miss the faculty/staff bullshittery?  No.  It would be nice to work someplace where temper tantrums were not seen as an appropriate mode of communication.

There’s a job at one of the littler teaching hospitals that I fit – old posting but it’s worth a shot.  I used to work there, waaaaay back in the early 90s.  This is a research support position, not clinical, which I would prefer.  Although temper tantrums might still be a possibility…

One of the nice things about doing a job search  while employed is that I can try to look for a place that is not only a good deal, a good commute, and a good schedule but also a good fit in other ways.  It’s not possible to ask about temper tantrums during the interview, but I think I can get a sense of the general culture.  I had some warning signs about this job but I had to take it anyhow since I was under employed at the time and it was the height of the recession.  I got bills to pay kids!  So  I sucked it up and did it, for over three years now.  My sucking it up limit is about full though.

A big question – to disclose or not to disclose.  I tend to “no”, but I’d like to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Good luck. I think change is a good thing.


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