or not so much

I had been enjoying a respite from the intestine of doom.  Some people have irritable bowel.  I have enraged bowel.  I have homicidal maniac bowel.  And yesterday, it woke up from its several week long nap with a vengeance.  I really thought CT scan of abdomen edited to look like iconic "smiley face" image, but angry instead of happy.yesterday was the day my husband was going to finally see me pass out.  Fortunately for everyone, I managed to stay more or less conscious throughout the ordeal.  The intestine is now drugged into submission and I am afraid to eat much more than a few teddy grahams or rice crackers at a time.

How much does this suck?  A lot.  At least I have my drugs.  And they work, more or less, to make the tantrums my bowel throws a little more tolerable.

So today, we will sit inside and watch the snow pile up, I will nibble my way through a low cal, low energy, nausea filled day and hope things get better.  Soon.

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  1. Oh, I feel for you Friend. My intestinal monsters have been quiet for a while, but that could change tomorrow. I hope your drugs bring you relief and you can eat soon and stay out of the bathroom.


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