Been cooking and baking a lot.  And eating a lot.  I seem to be in an eating mode – this happens sometimes, my appetite just roars into high gear.  Back up over 130 lbs.  Personally, I’d be happy size-wise at 130 or just under but under usually means something’s wrong,  it’s unstable and declining, so I’ll take 130 plus.  This weekend’s cooking included a very yummy Greek chicken dish, homemade beef teriyaki (with a whole lot of fresh ginger), wild rice, and COOKIES.  Also, there are girl scouts afoot, peddling their addictive snacks, so there were also some thin mints and those crack/caramel-coconut things in the mix.  Yum!

The weather change here in the northeast US was killing me – I’ve been migrainy for the last few days and my joints are turning on me again.  A good weekend to do very little but cook good food and chill.  I managed to clean a bit and get out to see an old family friend on Sunday but Saturday and Monday were total busts.  I’m hoping things calm down weather-wise.  I can’t take another 40 degree jump like that.  Ooof.


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