I finally turned in my accommodation request forms to human resources on Monday.  The person who usually handles them is out, so I got an email from the head of HR yesterday saying that she would be reviewing them.  I am very anxious about them – not sure if I gave too much information, not sure if I came across as sounding whiny or defensive…which shouldn’t matter but which I know will.  Let’s hope for a quick and positive outcome, shall we?

At the base of all this uncertainty and consternation is that for several of my more severe and prevalent symptoms, I don’t have a real causal and unifying diagnosis.  I just have the attestation of my primary care and myself  that I have these symptoms and that they do interfere with my life (and my work life, when my environment and tasks can’t be structured to accommodate them).  I do not think that this should mean a denial of accommodation, however I know enough about how these forms are read and how the law is interpreted to realize that the bias towards diagnosis will be a factor.  When doctors wonder why patients like me (and like most of the people who read and comment on this blog) can’t relax until we have a diagnosis, it would be good to keep issues like this in mind.  There are real, practical, and even measurable negative consequences socially and economically to having plenty of life altering symptoms and no unifying diagnosis.  Reduced understanding and acceptance of the validity of the person’s diminished well being, of the functional limitations from it pop up in family, social, and work relations and cause or exacerbate a lower quality of life.

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