Say “aaaaaaaaa”

Off to see an oral medicine specialist today.  To say that I am not enthusiastic about this appointment is an understatement.  I am in fact so apprehensive that I couldn’t get to sleep last night (the chronic random leg pains and itchiness didn’t help but my wakefulness only spotlighted them – most nights I manage to drop off after only a few grunts of pain and scratch-irritation).

The referral came from my primary care, who says this person is the best to see for oral manifestations of systemic diseases – read as the best in the area, although this area has a lot of best in the fields so she may in fact be in that set.  However, he also mentioned that he does not find her personality to be pleasant.  My sense is that she is rather disagreeable.

Small wonder I couldn’t drop off.

So why go?  Because every couple of months, my mouth goes from feeling moderately sore and peely (sorry if this is TMI, this is a medical/patient experience blog so you gotta expect that now and then) to being ungodly painful with sores and blisters.  I have a history of “spontaneous” oral thrush – and don’t even try to give me an antibiotic without some nystatin swish and spit or troches.

After the last round failed to respond to candida treatment (clotrimazole troches AND over a week of Fluconazole), he said “and this is why we don’t treat YOU over the phone.  You’re too complicated.”  He also said he’d never seen mucosa this red, and that this didn’t look like thrush.  Or at least not like typical thrush.  My money’s still on thrush, just the kind that gets in deep.  Or an allergic reaction to my fillings (I have metal allergies…yeah, why did I let them put metal in my head then?  Because I’m stupid sometimes).  Or a combination of the two.  One of the dentists at my dental clinic wrote it off as nicotine stomatitis, which doesn’t look right in pattern or type of lesion, but also mentioned this same oral medicine specialist as a go to person before he had his big “TA DA!” diagnostic moment.

I’d post a picture, but I don’t want to gross anyone out.  I will be bringing the pictures with me – I have them from three different flare ups of this thing.  Because of course, now that I finally have the appointment, my mouth is not in its acute and awful state.

Wish me luck.

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