“Perfect patient”

“I’m going to tell people you said that,” I told the Oral Medicine doctor who said it to me today.  I am sure she said it in jest, but I don’t think she realized just how funny it was since she lacks the context to appreciate the full irony.

Her reason for declaring me the perfect patient was that since this is an intermittent thing that comes and goes, I’ve started taking pictures of it.  And I brought those pictures, on the iPad…not the phone.  Which was good, because since it was an appointment at a teaching hospital (one of the local B.A.T.H.s), this meant the intern, med student, and ?resident? who I allowed in for the appointment didn’t have to strain their eyes to see the pictures.  I like my phone (did I mention I got a new phone for christmas?  An iPhone.  It’s neat.) but it’s not the best for more than personal use.

“Look at the red dots on the soft palate…” she instructed her charges as we scrolled through the pictures labeled “March 2011, severe”.  Ahh, the red dots.  Yes.  However, I personally found the two big ulcers on the hard palate much more compelling, but what do I know?

“Can you send me those pictures please?  The one of the blister too…” (October 2011, mild)  Yes.  And I can return when I am symptomatic for a biopsy.  Done and done.  And relatively quick and painless.  She wasn’t bad, interpersonally, not this time anyhow.

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  1. You had enough medical people in your room to look at it…so they know it is real. What a great idea! Now if they can come up with something to help you.
    Maybe this doc will turn out to be the pefect physician for the perfect patient!

  2. Thanks Mo. Ever since the lyme rash, my motto has been “if it’s weird, take a picture”. Before that, I had had some strange things I wish I’d snapped a shot off, like the massive petechial rash on my legs that I had twice in 2001. Trying to describe these things after the fact always misses the mark.

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