laws, sausages, and accommodations

I don’t make accommodations, but I provide them.  That is, I am not the “decider” on who determines what and why based on documentation But I work with the person who is, and I am on a few professional lists where people discuss the what and why.  Thus, I’ve seen behind the curtain and I know that the people in such positions can be, well, people.  That is, they bring their crap along, ignorance, baggage, assumptions, attitudes, the lot of it.

It is with this knowledge that I approach my own submission for accommodations at work with a bit of extra trepidation.  For example, one recent post on a professional list complained that the request from the (let’s say) client and the documentation from the physician were too similar in wording, that the client had dictated the documentation to the doctor.  And I am wondering, should I dumb the wording in MY part of my request down to keep my HR department from thinking something similar?  I’ve done a bit already….instead of “exacerbates” I change the syntax of the passage and use the phrase “makes worse”.  Instead of “hypotension”, I say “low blood pressure”.  The truth is that I wrote the health condition/disability descriptions for my doctor’s office and they read them (at their leisure) and signed off on them without a single change.  They asked for them like this… “one form filled out and one blank in case he (the doctor) wants to make any changes”.  And he didn’t.

But tell me, if we didn’t do it this way, then how were we supposed to do it?  It would have taken at least one appointment, one long appointment, to put this together for me.  I don’t have ONE all explaining diagnosis.  I have several sets of symptoms that can be debilitating and for which I need accommodations.  Is there even a billing code for this sort of appointment?  So I wrote it up, the best I could, using the correct terms for what I experience…like “orthostatic intolerance” and “migraine with vestibular symptoms

So I’m changing my own wording to make it sound less medically in my request form because I’m worried  that if my form and my doctor’s form read too similarly, it will make ignorant people question the validity of my request and/or documentation.

Silly?  Yes.

Degrading?  Yes.


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  1. Yes….silly…..degrading….and necessary. Ain’t that a bitch? You have to jump through so many hoops to get stuff it is ridiculous! Good luck.

  2. I know. These forms they have are a real pain in the butt too. Both doctor and employee are supposed to cite specific job functions…doctor’s form: “May not be able to perform the essential functions circled; however, the following accommodation should be considered to help the individual perform these functions “; employee’s form: “Identify and describe the essential function(s) of the position which you are unable to perform without reasonable accommodation”.

    The problem is that we’re supposed to use the job description, and job descriptions aren’t written in terms of physical/cognitive/emotional demands. So this form is twice as long as it otherwise could be because I had to translate the responsibilities in the job description into accommodation relevant language.

    I’m just hoping this isn’t all for nothing.


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