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Another week of frustrating, dead end communication with my doctor’s office was wrapping up Thursday night.  I went to therapy and discussed it with my therapist.  “I don’t think I can talk to that secretary again without getting ugly,” I told her.  “Right, you can’t do that.  Get ugly I mean” she said, “What is it that you want to say to her?”  I asked “Want to say to accomplish the goal of getting my accommodation forms or want to say because I want to say it?”  So we took some time to address what I’d say if I could out of my system, then she suggested that I leave a message for the doctor.  “I’ll just get turfed to the nurses’ station or the office manager” I told her.  “Could you send a fax?” she suggested.

I had been thinking of doing that and so a plan was made.  My therapist framed a certain way of putting things to my primary on the whole dicking around with the accommodation forms issue.  “Let me write that down…that’s good. I want to say it like that” I told her as I dug through my bag for some paper.

And so I wrote a letter and faxed it.  And I got a call a few hours later from the nurse asking some follow up questions on the form which they were (finally) working on.  “When did the disability start?” she asked.  “Yeah, I left that blank because I didn’t know what to put.  These are chronic things, I mean the migraines started when I was in my 20s but turned constant in summer 2010.  The overheating started in 2009.  The diarrhea started in 2004.  The joint pain after I had lyme disease in 2002…”  She told me the earliest they could write was when I first started at his office.  “Ok, then I guess put that.” I said.  “I’ll call you back if I have any other questions,” she said.  “Um…when?  Like next week or like christmas?” I asked a bit sharply.  “Today or Monday,” she said.

Alright. So concrete days, a plan perhaps?  Too bad that this didn’t happen in time for me to have these accommodations for work during the busiest time of the busiest semester.  Guess I’ll just have to get through the best I can and hope I don’t get fired or take a knock on the attendance or “plays well with others” front.  (“plays well with others” is the heading I put on things like people coming in to my work area and turning the heat up because they think it is cold, me reacting badly when people interrupt my lunch break insisting that I stop eating and attend to their non-urgent issues).

Here’s what I wrote in the fax:

Dear Dr. (PCP),

I’m hoping you can help me with the workplace accommodation forms I had dropped off at your office on November 3.  At that appointment, I had discussed the forms and their processing with (RN) and she had indicated that they should be able to be done by December.  However, since late November, it’s been a real struggle to get information from the office about whether any feedback is needed from me, and if and when I can expect to move forward with my request for accommodations at work.   It would be so helpful for me to have these forms completed and returned so I can submit my request to my human resources department.  Would it be possible for someone knowledgeable about the status of the forms and a realistic timeline for their completion to call me to discuss this?  I will be available at my cell phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx any time Friday 12/9 through Monday 12/12.  My availability is more limited due to work constraints next week between 12/13 and 12/16 (i.e. I will be reliably available only after 8:00 PM 12/13 – 12/16).

Thank you,


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  1. I’m staying optimistic that you’ll be ready w/ accommodation by the next bust season. Hoping this nurse follows through.

  2. Hoping things will get
    done for you now!

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