should I stay or should I go?

Wrist pain resolved.  After hurting like hell for a week, I woke up Saturday with it killing and then, slowly bending and flexing it to try to work out the stiffness there was a tremendous POP! and now it’s better.  Which makes me ask “should I cancel my doctor’s appointment for today?”  There’s still some tenderness in the palm side but nothing like before.  So do I go to my appointment on the basis that the week’s worth of wrist problem caused me to miss doing some tasks at work (long story, not tasks I normally do but stuff that someone who is in a position to make my life shitty wanted me to do) and having a doctor’s appointment behind that might help?  Do I go because I don’t have those accommodations in place to protect me from being negatively evaluated for not getting to this wrist-wrecking work this week, and to also inquire *in person* about those accommodations?  Is that ok?

Truth be told, I’d rather not go.  I’d rather not spend several hours there at the end of the day at the start of a busy work week.  I’d rather come home and eat dinner with my husband before 8:00 PM and play with my cat.

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  1. I say go so you can harass them about the paperwork. Also your wrist may not stay popped.


  2. I would’nt go….what can the doctor do now except look at you with the dumb doctor face? Hope it stays feeling better!

  3. I canceled. And I called and left a message on the nurses’ line about the forms. Big surprise: Didn’t hear back. Grrrrrrrr….

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