Rise above

(this post was done using dictation software and while I did have to make a couple of corrections, it was largely pretty damned good…just an fyi for any of my blogging friends who maybe sometimes suffer from things like joint and muscle pain.  Also, a warning in case any “dragon errors” crop up….i.e. same part of speech homophones)

As I indicated in an earlier post, I recently dropped off the doctor forms for workplace accommodations at my primary care’s office.  Dropped ’em off on November 3rd or 4th.  I could see from my checkbook if I were interested in the exact date.

In my last post on the subject, I said that I called the doctor’s office on Friday. That is I called this past Friday, November 18 in the middle of the day and received a message that the office was closed. I made this call only after speaking with my therapist about it on Thursday night. At that appointment with my therapist I discussed that I had been meaning to call to follow up, in fact meaning to call pretty much every day last week, but would find myself at the end of the day not having called. I talked about the fact that it seemed pretty clear there’s putting this off despite very much wanting to get this going.

So it was difficult to call Friday. It was even more difficult to find the time, the privacy, the phone reception, and the impetus to call today… But I did. Today, instead of going straight to the nurse’s mailbox I pressed nine, to talk to the secretary. I greeted her and explained why I was calling, that is to follow up on my accommodation forms. She seemed hassled. Moreover, she seemed hassled by my question. She told me that she would leave a message for the nurse, but that they may not get back to me today. I asked how late they would be open tomorrow and she said they were trying to get out early and then said that they may not get back to me before Thanksgiving because I was calling so late.  It was 1:00 today, Tuesday.

tight shot of a woman's right hand giving "the middle finger" gesture.

Has it really only been like two days?

Now maybe I should’ve just let that go. But that’s just not me. Instead, I said – as nicely as I possibly could – “you know, I did call on Friday and leave a message about this.” “Friday?” she said, “that’s really only like two days.”

And so my mood is not swell. And this is why I don’t like making these calls at work. I went on my lunch break right after the phone call, a good thing since I felt a lot like I just got punched in the emotional gut. I thought about calling back and making an appointment rather than play this phone bullshit. I even had my phone out. I’d like to say that the reason I didn’t was because I was rising above, doing better, not letting the bastards get me down, and all that. But I think it’s probably more accurate to say that I decided to let my natural inclination to resume procrastinating serve a prosocial purpose.

The rising above came after. The rising above is what I had to do to avoid sinking down.

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  1. Looks like the dictation software worked fine. I’m surprised you didn’t blow up on the phone at that bitch. ONLY 2 DAYS AGO?? Sheesh!!!!!!!!

  2. Yeah the dictation softtware is cool. Yeah, I think you need to send some faxes to that chick’s direct line all day long. Except that would mess up patients. Hmm can you get her home number?

    Yes I am evil. Especially with sanctimonious bureaucrats.

    I will say I had a communication snafu with my endo and the receptionist? Put me on top of the list and made sure I was called. By 3 that same day which was pretty good.


  3. Mo, Although I think that people like that don’t belong in jobs where they have to do stuff like answer phones at doctor’s offices, blowing up doesn’t tend to help me. It sours the relationship with the doctor’s office (staff and doctor) and it makes me feel bad, emotionally and physically. I don’t do exertion well, and that includes the exertion of losing my temper. But I do need the outlet and the validation that I’m not crazy for thinking this was an inappropriate response to my follow up call, so thank you.

    POP/Med Mojave: Usually, this doc’s office staff is better than this. I think this is a new(ish) staff member. I’m planning on addressing it next time I am in the office by asking what the doc and/or nurses suggest I do when I get that sort of response to a call.


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