I could not stop eating last night.  So hungry.  Maybe I’m making up for lost food from last week’s bowel prep 😉   With the weekend’s cooking, chicken soup and chicken salad for the week, plus thanksgiving cooking on the horizon, we decided to take a night off from food prep and order out from my favorite local restaurant.  Steak and sweet potato.  And ribs.  Oh yum.  And I just ate and ate and ate.  And, as an interesting side note, my blood sugar just hung and hung and hung.  Didn’t go over 90 all night.

I figure with the continuing weight loss, if I feel like eating, I should.  I’ve cut out the halloween candy at least, I’m sure that hitting my body with multiple boluses of pure sugary goodness (badness) isn’t a nice thing to do to it even if it never seems to show up on the scale.  So at least yesterday’s gluttony was in the context of nutritionally decent food.

Waiting to hear back from my primary care’s office on my work-place disability accommodation request form.  My employer has a crappy form and I had asked one of the nurses how they suggested handling it.  She told me to give them one blank and one filled out.  Ok, done (note how I sum up a process that’s taken me over a year to do with two simple words which belie the extreme emotional difficulty of doing them).  I had been meaning to call all week to follow up, with the question of “so what now?” for them but each day, time would get away from me and I would hit 4:30 or 5:00 realizing that I hadn’t called and now didn’t have time to.  It doesn’t help that I have no private place to call from work – in those small spaces I can find, my cell phone has crappy reception.  I’ve learned not to add the layer of technological impediment to the already difficult arena of patient/doctor communication.  There’s already too much psycho-social noise in the signal to add in a phone that cuts out intermittently.  So I didn’t call until Friday – imagine my surprise when the voicemail announced that their office was closed.  In the middle of the day (not lunch time) on a Friday?  wtf?  Left a message anyhow, and so we move into another week of uncertainty on that front.

Nothing from the GI doc on last week’s scopes.  I have a follow up appointment the first week of December, where, if I haven’t heard from her in the meantime probably I will get the old “everything was fine” answer.  Which is of course good on one hand since cancer is what they are typically looking for in scopes, but bad on the other since I continue to have these GI symptoms, continue to lose weight, and continue without even a shred of an answer.  I recall her telling me in my post-sedation haze (why do they debrief then?) that I had stomach polyps but I believe she said they looked like “fundic” polyps, which are not usually very concerning and are thought to be associated with PPI use.  She also did a lot of biopsying in the rectum…didn’t say why, or if she did, I didn’t remember.  Maybe that’s standard procedure for her.

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  1. Pop

     /  November 20, 2011

    Glad you are eating and enjoying it. I don’t know why they update you when you’re doped up on drugs either. Medicine is so strange.



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