way down now…

Last night’s hypoglycemia was a real pisser.  I finally threw in the towel at 85 and went to bed.  That’s 45 minutes after a peanut butter cup, a fruit yogurt, and a glass of cider.  No idea what tanked it, and so glad for that alarm going off in my head that got me up and checking the sugar because if that much sugar only got it up to 85, I think it was well on its way to a seriously low low.  I’m not much good for remaining conscious under 60.  Today’s been better so far, it didn’t get below 89 at least.  But my blood pressure, crimeny.  79/56.  Makes me think of this song from my younger days:  

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  1. Oh wow. Makes me want to tell you to run to your pcp and make them do those tests asap.


    • Well, they’re looking in the right places. Pheo and carcinoid tests abound. I’ve got a jug I’m supposed to fill up with pee as soon as I can manage to not have caffeine for 3 days straight…which is a problem because apparently my brain has decided that caffeine is a much needed neurotransmitter. My chromogranin A has been elevated and my serotonin is, according to PCP, “a little high”. The endocrine folks ordered the newest jug o’pee tests and a blood test that I had a little over a week ago. They called yesterday, exactly when I couldn’t answer the phone. It’s my turn in phone tag, I was told to call back today. So we’ll see what that’s about. My guess is more vaguery.

  2. Did you ever read my caffeine post? I tapered it. Used excedrin to help wean. You can step down in about 5 days and avoid the worst of withdrawal.

    I’m worried about you! I hope things start happening so you can get an answer.


    • I’ll give it a shot. I try to avoid aspirin stuff since my stomach’s been a mess since I was a kid but maybe with all the PPIs I can stand it for a few days. I got hassled about not having done my jug o’pee test today by the endocrinologist (blood work was “within normal limts”). Thanks for the concern. This does suck a bit. Got low at work today. The kids I work with are super though. One even went and got me a spoon so I wouldn’t have to walk around and get it myself all woozy and shaky.


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