Low down

In bed, snugly and cozy, nearly asleep when I wonder…what’s that ringing/buzzing noise? No, ignore it. Go to sleep. Bzzzzzzz….very faint. Ok, I have to pee now so I get up and investigate on my way back from the bathroom.

Sounds like a shower is on in a far off room. But I can’t localize it. I go back to bed. Turn on the side that it’s loudest on and realize I can hear it even better now that my ear is full of pillow. And also, my legs feel jumpy. And I feel kind of sick to my stomach.

I’m not sure at what point I decided to get up and check my blood sugar but gosh I’m glad I did. 68. That’s low. Certainly low enough to account for the ear ringing and nausea.

I routinely wake up in a cold sweat, I’d figured it was more of the heat intolerance thing. But I think next time that happens I’m going to check my blood sugar.

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