I’m down to 132, from 136 the first week of August.  Total since June is a weight loss of about 13 lbs.  And I’m eating, oh believe me, I’m eating.  Even when I’m nauseous – although somewhat less then.  Tonight I had a bowl of sweet potatoes and carrots, about a 1/4 bag of ruffles, M&Ms, and a half a steak sub.  This is not unusual in terms of amount of food for me – although I don’t usually have candy and my protein usually comes from a slightly better source than take out steak bomb.

“It really sounds like you need to see an endocrinologist” Dr. Lasthope at B.A.T.H. said to me early on in the appointment today.

Yes, I agree.  However, my PCP drew a crap-ton of thyroid labs and when I called about a week later, the RN told me that “everything that’s back looks normal”.  This does raise the question of what was back, but I’m fairly certain that what was back in a week included TSH and probably the T3 and T4 levels, although I’m not certain of the last two.  I guess I should follow up, again I mean, on that.

“I did see an endocrinologist here, they focused on my hypoglycemia and told me to keep a food journal and see a nutritionist.  My PCP was not pleased, he said that wasn’t what he sent me for,” I told her.  “Well, I’ll make a note of what it is they should be focusing on,” she said, in fact writing a little note.

She was nice.  I thanked her for being nice.  She thanked me for “knowing what you’re here for.”  And also very much liked that I had pictures of mouth sores with me on my ipad.  Yeah, I wasn’t going to bust that out but she asked about mouth sores and I was in the middle of describing it when I realized I had some lovely shots of them with me.  “How did you get those pictures?” she asked.  “Um, I’ve got a big mouth.  And a little camera.”

More pooping in cups, endoscopy and colonoscopy on the horizon (I’ve had stomach polyps and that plus the week of nausea was enough to make it less of a difficult sell for me).  Following up, etc.  It’s never easy.

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