slow going

I’ve been having bad nausea since Tuesday night.  I managed to get into work yesterday, probably not the best idea to drive feeling like that, with a little help from my friend Zofran.  BP 88/43 yesterday afternoon when I got home, feeling like something the cat dragged in, chewed up, coughed up, and then batted around for a bit.

Today though, no work.  Not after a whole day of that yesterday, then waking up today feeling the same.  This is not helping the weight loss problem.  By the time I get in to see the (new) GI at B.A.T.H. (who I’m referring to for now as “Dr. Lasthope”) I’ll probably be down another couple of pounds.  I want to eat, I mean I want to want to eat, but errrg.  Food yesterday included crackers and chips, and not much of either.  I wonder if Dr. Lasthope will give a damn?

I’m hoping this is just a prolonged migraine/migraine prodrome – “just” being a very relative term here.  I’d rather think it’s this than that it’s another rotten trick my body’s learned…random debilitating nausea.  Don’t think nausea is debilitating?  Count yourself lucky, because that means you are blessed enough to be lacking in this particular life experience.

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