following up

Saw my primary care doc today.  We followed up.  Mostly on thyroid but I feel I should mention things like having lost 10 lbs since early July and that the overheating/flushing has ramped up again.  And that I won’t see the fussy little GI doc again.

A good appointment.  I wish I could access my labs online (he’s working on that) because it would save him time.  Too many times in an appointment, he says “oh did we get that lab and what was it” and starts the search through my now shockingly large record.  It adds onto an already lengthy appointment and it makes me feel bad.  I would look this shit up in advance and bring a table.  Possibly a chart even.  Like I said, he’s working on it.  He did what he could on his end, now Quest just needs to play nice online and let me see the things.  He told one of the nurses “hey I think I figured out how to let patients see their results online!” all excitedly.  She countered with “Yeah, I’m not sure we should have that for everyone…there are some people who would call if they were one hundreth of a point high or low,”  I piped up with “I promise I won’t do that.” She said “no, I wasn’t thinking of you.  Some people just don’t have good reasoning skills…”

I suppose not.

Anyhow, here’s a summary of Dr. Wellintentioned’s note (which he sends patients away with, which I think is a fantastic idea):

text from doctor's summary of visit, labs. If you want the specifics, please write in my comment section and I will email you with the text.

I know what about 3/4 of those labs are…the rest? No idea.

I had wanted to ask him about ADA accommodation forms, but I figured we were running late anyhow and this is probably something I can ask the nurse (based on my experiences with FMLA for surgery).  So I asked on my way out.  Here’s how I put it:

“I’m thinking of asking for some accommodations at work.  It’s nothing major, and I wouldn’t need to ask for them if they weren’t be kind of jerks about things.  But I looked at the form they want the doctor to fill out and the are awful.  Is there anything I can do to make the process easier on you guys?”  She said “Yes.  Bring two forms.  One, you should fill out.  The other, leave blank.  We can look over the filled out one, see what you need and asked for and if we agree with it.”

This is incredibly sensible and I am glad I asked.

The only difficult part of my appointment, aside from feeling like I am always taking up way too much of this man’s time, was the part where I tried to get a sense of how to talk to Dr. ENT.  See, I’m a little gun shy after the fussy GI doc and his inquisitor bed-side manner.  I don’t want another dismissal, especially not of suspicious lumps in my thyroid which I personally am a bit uneasy about.  I am not someone who thinks “oh my god something’s wrong, I must have CANCER”.  I’m really not. In fact, if this did turn out to be cancer I’d be shocked.  I’ve been sort of figuring if it turned out to be anything diagnosable, it would be autoimmune and/or endocrine (of the itis, not oma) fuckery since that shit runs in my family and I know it can be tricky.  So back to cancer and ENT and asking about talking to him.  It can be an awkward thing to say to a nice doctor “but they aren’t all like you, some of them, who may be your friends or at least respected colleagues, are assholes,”  especially when he’s the one who referred you to said asshole.  But we got through it, and I’m glad we talked about it.

I feel like I should send him and his staff something nice, but what do you send?  Flowers?  “Thanks for being amazing” seems diminished and trite when folded neatly into a card.  How amazing this practice is should be spelled out in sky writing or sung by a choir or something.

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  1. Glad everything is going good with this doctor. As far as a gift….send them food, coupons for free food or a gift certificate. They will remember you sent food….not flowers.


  2. queenofoptimism

     /  August 13, 2011

    Mo’s right about the food – I was surprised when I asked my PCP’s office about if I could bring them food – they were so excited and went on to tell me that if someone brings in store bought cookies, the office goes wild because they are so busy and so deprived (for lack of a better word).

    I’m really hoping for good with the ENT appointment. I know that your thyroid has to be more heavily involved in all of this than recognized. I say “I know” because I have experienced the symptoms and the other side – your thyroid is….not working properly but we don’t know what to do. It’s an elusive gland I guess. I hope you can take some comfort in this appointment. I hope the ENT stays on the right path (focused on what you’re there for, not for diagnosing your migraines or questioning your personal credibility. Thinking of you lots and sending you lots of love. Let meknow if you want to talk ADA, okay? xoxoxox


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