one extra large anticholinergic

and a side order of ATTITUDE!

That’s what I got today from Dr. Dumbfuck.  Frequent readers (all two of you) will recall that today I was to see Dr. Dumbfuck, an appointment I had to set up because when I called to see if he could call in a GI script, his office staff told me I had to make an appointment.  Turns out, according to Dr. Dumbfuck, I did NOT need an appointment for that.  Oh good.  So I had a family member take time off work to drive me (because I can’t drive myself today, not in migraine state) to this assbag’s office so I could let him work me over – again.  Fanfuckingtastic.  On the plus side, I got the drug.  On the down side (or rather, the other down side), it is not covered by my insurance and it costs about $10 a pill.  Which is perplexing since it’s an old generic drug that is apparently not worth the manufacturer’s time to put through the process of new FDA approval guidelines.

Well fuck me sideways!

Oh and it seems I am a malingerer when it comes to my migraines.  That pearl is from Dr. Dumbfuck.  I’m going to ask my neurologist to write him a letter since either Dr. Dumbfuck thinks my neurologist is crap or I’m just wallowing in migraines because I like to…. “You STILL have migraines?” he asked.  “Yes, in fact I had one last night and I’m still sort of migrainey right now” I tell him and he interrupts (I noticed today that he does that alot) “well don’t you take anything for them?”  “I take fioricet,” and he interrupts again “That only dulls it,that doesn’t get rid of them.  The point is to get rid of them.”  He then asked if I’d seen a neurologist to look into this.  I told him I had and the best he can do is dulling.

You know, sort of like with “IBS”, where the best you can do is give your patients a ration of unnecessary, patronizing shit and then a medication that isn’t going to get rid of it but which might make it a little better without making anything else unbearably bad.  Like that.

Update:  talked to therapist.  After the last time I saw Dr. Dumbfuck, I had spoken to her about how I felt.  When she and I spoke about it, it was some time after the appointment and I wasn’t feeling as rawly bad by then.  She was concerned with the level of bad I did convey and told me so, and said “if you have another doctor’s appointment that makes you feel like that, I would like for you to call me.  Is that ok?”  So I called.  I’m happy I did.  She was very nice and validating and helped me come up with a plan for how to talk to my primary care about this (and about when/how to see a new GI doctor).  Her statement:  some people just shouldn’t be practicing medicine.  Mine:  He might be able to be a functional doctor for different people.  Her:  Yeah, people who aren’t sick.  Me:  (Laughing) yeah, but also people who are sick but who are also automatically deferential to doctors.  But that’s just not me.  

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  1. queenofoptimism

     /  August 13, 2011


    I’m so glad you had someone to call to put Dumbfuck in perspective. He sucks, has no idea what he’s talking about and I want you to run away now. this is a patronizing order, my friend!!

  2. lol, thank you for the “patronizing order”, which btw is not at all patronizing in this context. It’s quite validating actually because run away is fully what I want to do in this situation.


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