I want an old drug

I used to take this drug called Levsin, or rather the generic (hyoscyamine sulfate).  It helped when the racing rushing intestine is out of control, which it has been on and off now since about mid way through 2004.  When it’s out of control, I’ve lost significant amounts of weight.  My weight went from about 145 to 113 in less than a year of eating as much as I wanted and could.  See, the only thing that inhibited my appetite was the pain and diarrhea I had within 15 minutes of eating anything. That kind of pain so rapidly and so consistently after eating tends to make you not eat.    The levsin helped with the pain, and slowed things down some.  It didn’t entirely stop the diarrhea, but it at least made it so I could eat without fear of being in horrible pain at least.  And then in 2008, I started having problems getting Levsin filled.

In the last three weeks, I’ve had a flare up and I’m losing weight again.  I’m down about 8 pounds by my scale at home. On a whim, I asked at my pharmacy if they had any Levsin and to my surprise and delight, they did.  So I called the GI doctor, yes, the bad one, Dr. Dumbfuck.  Because Dr. Dumbfuck is the only one I have right now and I’m not up for a whole round of researching another.  My primary care’s office didn’t get back to me on my feedback (i.e. “that was a monumental waste of my time”) and I wasn’t in the mood to follow up.  But the truth is, I need a GI doctor like other people need a gynecologist.  Until and unless the intestinal complaints are determined to be caused by some more systemic process, they are fully under the purview of gastroenterology.

The GI doctor’s office staff said he could not write for this script without seeing me, even though I’ve kept it on my list of drugs I take because (a) I’d rather take that than donnatol or bentyl and (b) I had been taking the very few remaining Levsin pills I had up until  I totally ran out this Spring.  But he’s never prescribed these before so I was given an appointment for a month later to see him for them.  I called again last week to see if anyone else at the office could see me sooner and I was told “we don’t like to do that…” Of course not.  But they did add me on at the end of the day this week, so I’ll be getting in a week sooner than they had originally scheduled at least.  In the meantime, I am just going and going and the weight is too.

I don’t have high hopes for this appointment.  I expect it to suck.  And I plan to hit up my primary care if Dr. Dumbfuck won’t just write for the drug.  He shouldn’t have a problem with it.  By his own statements, he doesn’t think there is anything else to investigate with me and that we should just treat symptoms – so he shouldn’t have a problem with me treating him like a medication vending machine.  It is essentially what he has decided his role in my care should be.  But I’ve noticed with the Dr. Dumbfucks of the world that while they may feel comfortable taking on a role in one case, when the patient puts them in that role and says “ok so now at least do that job well” they sometimes recoil and decide to actually try playing doctor/diagnostician.  Here’s what I don’t want:

  • another scope
  • another set of suggested diets/menus
  • another lecture about how my diabolical female physiology is causing all my most troubling symptoms
  • another suggestion for fiber or otherwise treatments that are at best useless and at worst are going to exacerbate my symptoms (or bring on new ones with an ugly side effect profile)

What I want is simple. I want him to weigh me, make a note in my chart that I’m having a flare up, maybe take another quick history (anything changed lifestyle/med/body-wise that might have been responsible for bringing this on), and then a script for Levsin SL 0.125 mg 1-2 tablets q.i.d. PRN.  That shouldn’t be too hard, should it?  Appointment’s tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

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  1. I don’t understand it when a doctor can’t see you when you have a real problem…waiting a month for an appointment is absolutely ridiculous! I hope he gives you the script and you can get it.

    • I understand that there is a wait sometimes, especially for specialists. BUT, that said, I think in cases like this a 1 month prescription with an appointment on the record, zero refills til appointment, would be appropriate.

  2. queenofoptimism

     /  August 13, 2011

    I’m behind on your posts but I am wishing you luck. You have captured the field of gastro so well – for those of us who have symptoms that MUST be related to something larger. They are a dispensing machine. Bentyl caused really weird reactions for me. Tiredness and lack of coordination..but then again, that may be my main problem. I want you to feel better.

  1. one extra large anticholinergic « Final Trick

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