how YOU doin’?

An interesting moment with a coworker today.

Let’s preface by saying that I am not particularly fond of this woman.  She’s the one who believes she can will away illness.  I called her Linda in a previous post, so let’s just stick with that.

Linda walked through my office today – my desk is in a “shared space” area.  It is both my office and shared space.  Overall I don’t mind this too much.  It’s actually out of the way for most people, except Linda likes to use the largely private restroom that is on the other side of my office/work space.

So Linda walks in and gets half way across the rather large room and says “Oh I didn’t see you there…” at my desk “…how are you feeling?”  I pause, look around at the several people who are working in the room.  I say “Um, that’s sort of a loaded question.”  Linda says “What?”  I say “How I’m feeling.  It’s perhaps better discussed in a different, more private setting.”

Linda looks taken aback, exaggeratedly to my thinking, and says “No, I’m just being polite, asking how you are doing.”  I say “Ok, so you mean you’re expecting one of the five or so codified answers like ‘just fine, thank you!’?”  I say this with a feminine chirpy voice to take some of the bite out of it.  She laughs and says “Yes, like that.”






I don’t say that. I say, with a forced, fake cheer bubbling with sarcasm “Well in that case Linda, I’m just fine, and how are YOU?”

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  1. Some people never change….especially cold-hearted bitches!

  2. queenofoptimism

     /  August 13, 2011

    Wow. This post is so powerful to me. It expresses what we all know happens but no one will say from either side (Linda or yours). Eff Linda.

    • I thought of you in the aftermath and while I was writing this post.

      It took immense restraint not to directly call Linda on what was clearly a flat out lie. This sort of courtesan-style communication is so not me.


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