R.N. = really nice

I had a nice nurse yesterday at my IV appointment.  Nice and thorough…did vital signs before and after the infusion (the other one, while pleasant enough, did vitals only before).  Also asked me about what I take for the chronic diarrhea, because she has bowel symptoms that sound very like mine.  She’d never heard of levsin before and wanted to know if it helps.  “yes, when it’s available.  I’m trying to avoid that class of drugs right now though, it makes the whole hypotension/orthostatic stuff worse.”  I explained that for me, the levsin didn’t necessarily stop the diarrhea but it made it hurt less.  “Oh the cramping and sweating stuff, it’s so awful.”  I agreed and made a joke about all the potties I’ve passed out on.  I also told her how a friend of mine and I had been saying we should write a book (although nowadays I should say “write an app”) identifying and rating restrooms for fellow sufferers.  She laughed “I would buy that.  I know where all the good restrooms at stores are around here.”

So another mystery diagnosis person.  She has been diagnosed with lupus, she told me.  “Don’t they think, I mean if you’re autoimmuney, that the bowel stuff could be IBD?”  She said the had but that the tests were negative…not just the colonoscopy based tests but also a blood test.  I had no idea there was a blood test for IBD.  I was happy for her to hear that her coworkers are accommodating of her needs though.  She told me “If I’m doing a colonoscopy or something on a patient and I say ‘I gotta go!’ someone just steps up and takes over so I can run to the bathroom.”  It’s nice to know that someone’s being accommodated in their workplace.

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