new boss and other not very newsworthy news

Yesterday was the first day of my new boss. I am utterly relieved the nightmarish person who had been my boss is now out. She’s still around, lurking like a bad smell, but she’s not MY problem anymore.

Truly, it was magnificent to walk away from her yesterday giggling to myself when she approached me about some triviality which had struck her fancy.  “Sure, that does need to be done,” I said.  “I had even been planning to do it.  Remember that thing I made and showed you and asked if I could have permission to print on our account?”  (The thing she said was nice but told me not to print and questioned if it really was the best use of my time)  “That’s what it was for.”  And then I walked off.  I really enjoyed that.

Especially since she had screwed up my sick time last week.  She approved the request, then failed to approve it in my timecard.  I only found out because payroll called to ask me what was going on with it.  “What’s going on is that she has been pulling passive aggressive stunts with my timecard for way too long now,” I told the payroll worker.  “But hey, she’s not my boss since today!  I have a new boss!”

I have no idea if the new boss will engage in similarly themed if not executed harassment.  I hope not.  I haven’t really gotten a handle on him.  One day is hardly enough for an assessment.  We’ll see how it goes.  And I’ll have an opportunity to test this soon since I have that standing IV appointment to schedule for this week in the next day or two.  Yes, I finally got it scheduled.  It took four calls, one to registration, one to the ambulatory care unit where they do the infusion, one to my doctor, and then one more to registration.  Sheesh.

The doctor’s office also gave me the report on my ultrasound.  “It confirmed three nodules and they said ‘follow up scan as indicated’.”  The nurse told me she had no idea what “as indicated” meant and said she’d look into it.  I asked “ok, so I’m not sure what we are doing going forward here.  Can you ask if he (my primary care) also wants to check any thyroid function tests?”

That was last Thursday.  I’ll call today if they haven’t called me.  Reason being I have a standing blood draw with the standing IV order and if the doc wants me to get poked for thyroid tests, I figure why not consolidate?

Oh and I am still in the market for a drink that DOESN’T strip the enamel off my teeth and aggravate the reflux/heartburn.  Did I mention that I think this is the link regarding why my BP took a nose dive?  Sounds a bit silly, no?  But my primary was asking things like “had you been taking a lot of NSAIDs then stopped?”  “no more or less than usual, why?”  Apparently some of them have sodium in them.

So here’s the drink thing:  I usually don’t drink enough water.  I am one of those people who could go nearly all day without drinking any.  I have to remind myself to drink.  Well, to drink anything other than gingerale and coffee.  But the gingerale is totally killing my teeth.  After a day or two of drinking gingerale at what used to be my normal levels, I found my teeth were super sensitive for days, sometimes weeks.  So I stopped.  It was hard.  I’d find myself craving a gingerale in the evening (my prime gingerale drinking time).  There had been an especially difficult gingerale “withdrawal” the week before the BP drop.  My teeth had been killing after a weekend of high gingerale consumption so I went back to the ultrafloride toothpaste my dentist prescribed (I really am wearing all the damned enamel off my teeth…that’s what 30 years of barely controlled acid reflux will do) and switched the gingerale for water.  “I need to drink more water anyhow,” I told myself.  And after a week, my BP was in the basement.   I’m still covered with bruises from the clumsies.

Now before you shake your head and say “Oh dyspatient, what’s gingerale got to do with your blood pressure?” remember that I am under orders to push salt.  The cardiologist wants it, the nephrologist who did the dehydration work up (which showed I lose too much salt in my urine) wants it, and my primary care laughed and said “good!” when I told him about my “orange chip” habit.  How much sodium was I getting per day from my gingerales?  50 mg per can, and on a moderate consumption day, I would usually drink about 4.  I could easily (and often did) drink more.  And then I just took it all away.  No more 200 to 400 mg of sodium, and as my husband pointed out “It might not be so much how much you were having but that you were essentially on a low dose sodium ‘drip’ all day.”  Hm….  Interesting thought.

I’m resolved not to go back to the gingerale.  I’ll still have one occasionally, like if I’m out for lunch or dinner.  But in the meantime, what to drink?  Gatorade is as bad if not worse on my teeth and throat.  Right now, I’m trying out various “electrolyte enhanced” waters.  Of course, guess which one they don’t include in their electrolyte mix?  Yep.  Sodium.  Because it’s bad for you, if you’re a 50 year old overweight man with hypertension.

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  1. Oh snap! Congrats on the boss zinger. Hope the new guy is nicer.

    RE: Drinking. You can drink from a straw which will keep stuff mostly away from your teeth. That’s what my dentist says.

    I also like Celestial Seasonings Country Peach Passion as it makes a very nice iced tea with no extra sweetener.

    We do lemon and lime in water BUT with heartburn that can be a problem.



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