So I went to work yesterday, which was hell.  Driving in was stupid, and I nearly turned around and drove back home several times.  Called the neurologist and asked if the fioricet was what was making me feel so cruddy, and dropping my blood pressure.  He says no, it shouldn’t do that, and made me promise to call my primary care “because that’s too low”.  I called my primary care, left a message on the nurse’s voicemail.  And waited.  And waited.  Finally called them back a little before 5:00.  Turns out the nurse had meant to call back but had forgotten.  Oops.  We went over a few things, what else is going on, she asked.  I described how I’m feeling.  “That’s all consistent with the low blood pressure” she said.  I added that there’s all the ‘usual stuff’ too, the overheating, the headaches and neck pain, the nausea, the joint pain.  That’s just sort of a given.

She tells me to drink gatorade and says she’ll leave a message for this morning, for first thing this morning in fact.

So I wait.

And wait.

I called just now and asked what was up.  Had to give the whole ‘what’s going on’ thing again.  They’ll get back to me.

And so I wait.

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  1. Try to get an am cortisol draw too as this sounds adrenal-ish to me.

    But I have adrenal goggles on.


    • Yeah, it sounded adrenalish to my primary care too. So we’ve had AM cortisols, 24 hour urine collection for various effing endocrine things. He’s got some bloodwork ordered for every morning when I do the IVs. I’ll double check and see if cortisol is on it.


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