ow, oh, and ah

Update: Rather than improving with time, this seems to be worsening. BP is 89/43. So…do I
A) call neuro
B) call primary
C) go to e.r. since if I call & either actually calls back that is likely where I’ll end up (safe bet)
D) stay on the couch with cat and orange chips

Had a migraine again yesterday.  I took a fioricet.  I thought it was abating, so not to be undone by it (I had THINGS TO DO!) I went out, wearing dark sunglasses and a hat, with my sister to look for curtains.  And while out, the ice pick headaches and nausea started.  Recalling my neurologist’s advice, I decided to take another fioricet.  But realized I’d left them at home.

Got home and took another fioriciet.  Rested for a bit.  Went back out (to the drug store, to pick up the rest of my daily drugs).  While there, my sister and I sat in the blood pressure/arm squeezer machine.  Hers was a usual, for us, low blood pressure.  Mine?  It told me to fuck off.  It said it didn’t have sufficient information.  I jokingly said it should flash a little coffin when the BP is too low and announce in it’s computery voice “You have no blood pressure.  You are dead.”

Got home again and checked it on the one I have, which routinely runs a bit high.  90/45.  Woo.  Later, it had gone up to 91/47, which I consider negligibly up.  Took a whatchacallit, nausea pill because the nausea was in high gear at that point.  Laid on the couch and felt useless for the rest of the night.

And this AM, woke up with a headache and a blood pressure of 80/56.

So I’m wondering – does fioricet lower blood pressure?  It’s got a barbiturate it in so I suppose it probably does.  And I’m wondering if there is any god damned thing I can take for my migraines that isn’t going to fuck something else up.

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