The blob

Because they felt bad at the MRI place for not processing my request for a copy of my brain MRI from last year, they were nice enough to offer to put my neck images on too. And so I left Wednesday with unread images from that days MRI.

Yes, I looked. And yes, I know that’s not a great idea, because I have no illusions of being able to read films. In fact, I’ve looked at some stuff on the Internet and if it weren’t for those helpful little arrows and whatnot, I’d have no idea what I was looking at. I mean, sometimes it’s obvious…sometimes you see a blob, something that stands out from an otherwise homogenous or uniform background.

Like on mine.

Um…what’s that blob? I’m fairly certain it’s on my thyroid gland, right side, upper. I can see it in all aspects images (coronal, axial, and sagittal). Not big. 14 mm was the largest measurement in the sagittal plane. So, uh. What the hell?

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