The blob

Because they felt bad at the MRI place for not processing my request for a copy of my brain MRI from last year, they were nice enough to offer to put my neck images on too. And so I left Wednesday with unread images from that days MRI.

Yes, I looked. And yes, I know that’s not a great idea, because I have no illusions of being able to read films. In fact, I’ve looked at some stuff on the Internet and if it weren’t for those helpful little arrows and whatnot, I’d have no idea what I was looking at. I mean, sometimes it’s obvious…sometimes you see a blob, something that stands out from an otherwise homogenous or uniform background.

Like on mine.

Um…what’s that blob? I’m fairly certain it’s on my thyroid gland, right side, upper. I can see it in all aspects images (coronal, axial, and sagittal). Not big. 14 mm was the largest measurement in the sagittal plane. So, uh. What the hell?

some like it hot

But not me.

I started overheating in the lobby at the MRI today.  “The room is usually pretty cold,” the tech told me after explaining what clothing I had to take off and what I could leave on.  She handed me a gown “This might help.”  “Oh, I don’t think I’ll be needing that…I like cold.”   While I was waiting for her to come get me in my stripped down state, I took the opportunity to drench my head with cold water from the sink in the rest room and sponge off my arms and neck.  Ahhhhhhh….

We got into the room.  It was not cold.  “This might be a problem,” I explained that I am “one of those people” who is always hot.  Not entirely true but true enough and easier to explain in this context than the full truth.  And you know what?  The tech got someone to crank the A.C.!  I want to send her flowers or something.  It made a not very pleasant experience into something that I could at least get through.  Yay MRI tech!

“and you just thought that was normal?”

No, I didn’t.  But it was slow and insidious, and one of those things I figure I’d sound like a hypochondriac if I mention in the doctor’s office. I’d mentioned it to other doctors in the past but it was entirely dismissed.  So assuming it wasn’t important or a big deal, I stopped bringing it up.

It being arm weakness.

See, I just saw the neurologist – mostly to get help with managing the drugs for my migraines.  My chronic ugly migraines.  They come with a whole lot of nausea now and I had about 5 zofran left from a period of nausea (caused, funnily enough, I thought by a migraine drug I was on last Fall).  And I wanted to know how to time the migraine medication.

Here’s what he said:

  • First symptom, eat about “this” much chocolate, dark chocolate is best.  Or have coffee.  These should work fast.
  • If it’s still going in 20 minutes, take 1 fioricet.
  • If it’s still going or coming on fast, take two fioricet at a time.

And here’s a script for zofran.

Now, the neck pain.  The neck pain with migraines is a symptom I either developed or started noticing last summer when I was keeping a headache diary.  I also was making images of the pain, because I wanted to see how the pain tracked.  And I noticed that my leading symptom tended to be neck pain.  Back of the neck mostly, coming around a little to the side.  Never further forward than the outer/posterior line from my ear down.  But this April brought the big nausea migraines, and with it some god awful pain on the right side of my neck which was very far forward.  It hurt like hell.  Even the shower water hitting it hurt.  So I mentioned this, in my “how my migraines have changed” narrative. I didn’t do so well with some hand strength tests for the left side also.  “Do you notice that there is any weakness in your hands or arms?” he asked after successfully pushing my left fingers down over and over despite what I thought was my best effort to keep ’em up and push back.  “Yeah, but that’s been going on for a while, like years.   I remember I started noticing it when I was trying to put my hair up and my arms got so tired and achy I had to stop.  I adapted.  But I have noticed it seems like it’s progressing.  It’s gotten to the point where when I’m showering now they start acting up half way through washing my hair.  So I wash it in stages.  Sometimes I just skip it.”

“And you thought this was normal?” he asked me.

Golly, I didn’t even mention the totally degraded hand writing, the year of hand lacerations (I no longer am allowed to do the knife work of food prep in my house – one too many trips to the ER), or the fact that I used to be the person who got the tops off the difficult to open jars and now I can’t even twist the top off little water bottle from the vending machine at work.

Did I think this was normal?  Not really, but I plead iatrogenic amnesia/agnosia.

So it’s off to be MRI’ed I go.  At some point.  Not right now.

moving on

Moving again.

Although the landlord offered to throw out the sorority who moved in upstairs (I’ll link relevant posts later if there are any, too tired right now), we decided the best course is to GET OUT.  And so we are renting a LOVELY single family house out on the water.

Oh god it’s pretty.  And here’s the best part.  1 and 1/2 bathrooms.


I haven’t had 1 and 1/2 bathrooms in years, and then only for a short time before we moved states for jobs.  I miss 1 and 1/2 bathrooms.  And they are lovely bathrooms.  The house’s owner is a young plumber whose family include two master electricians and a carpenter.  The tour consisted of this red headed, former coast guard, enthusiastic local boy with an even more enthusiastic handshake taking us from room to room and saying things like “and so we knocked out this wall and put that in and here’s the jacuzzi tub…”  I was nearly drooling.

Cons:  It’s in front of a marsh.  And I hear the mosquitos are horrible.  The commute’s going to be a bit longer.  But no neighbors to share a wall with, it’s in a quiet very residential neighborhood, got a fireplace, is very near the water and beach (which I like to look at if not actually get on/in), one floor, and oh yeah, I’ll say it again…it has 1 and 1/2 bathrooms.

My husband is over getting the lease going right now.  We’re looking at a slow-mo move in, over a few weeks.  Which suits me fine since I’ll be damned if I’m packing this week since it’s FINALS at work and that means super busy.